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Listen: "He wanted to be an analyst, that he knew enough football and wanted to share it"

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Ethan Miller
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Go gutsy or gutsy products speaking of Twitter and trending all morning long the names job was trending because we near the rich eyes in Joel when What's new came on our show in Los Angeles a couple months ago and he said he wanted to be part of the end up on me he wanted to be an analyst that he knew enough football and wanted to share it and become part of uniform MIA when he's off the alike love will if you want to be a correspondent for the show that Super Bowl Telis if you're interested he said he was we credential ten and decided that we can sentiments a media night that was Jets to be smooth starts are the charge that's that's that's on that note that's not be touched he's missed a corresponding his as he wants for too much there were like snipped you want to go to a natural media availability asked questions and he said yes and we credentialed him and he showed up in Denver's media availability this morning and TJ you know breathe a little bit a lifer to apparently from what I could see on Twitter are mostly positive there are some members of the press wondering why use their this new and the media availability for the Carolina Panthers their final one for the players just started ten minutes to go rise on Twitter for that one two and TSN oop is going to be our final cast of the week tomorrow liven are set right here at observation post the personnel to unpack all of his work use our last guest on a show that includes J.J. Watt rhyme Reynolds Adriana Lima Marshall Faulk and but far that's trying to show totally was born with a press conference until snip showed he said according to what he was a quote yesterday basically said what a laugh to keep doing this because it superbly coming got into it with a reporter while he pointed out that he had a press conference Tuesday and Wednesday with no practice in between so there was nothing to talk about it was essentially he said I got a good night's sleep you know what I have to do this it's the Super Bowl every single day players are made available and today's the last day after this media can top two player tomorrow both coaches appear to press conference with the Lombardi Trophy between them and that's always fun to watch run in a full network because they've never make eye contact with the trophy they have to take pictures with that but they act like it's not there 'it's superstition Jamie's telegraphed of that's right sort of like that sort of model impose and the commissioner's is STATE OF THE STATE address tomorrow that's on Friday but there were still rolling on Thursday Drew Brees is just shown up the future Hall of Fame quarterback of the New Orleans Saints is here on the rich highs and showed onto him <silence> <silence> receiver Antonio Brown didn't have a season in the way he wanted not only was he can cast of my Vonn says perfect event of course the Steelers were eliminated from the playoff picture he joined Dan Patrick on Fox Sports Radio this morning and then asked him what would you say the birth of his eighty him yeah he's got a history of the media and as his range of birthdate Bettman Jones thousand again to the players you phone <silence> and by the way and Jones did accused Brown of lying about his injury and then we can't and apologized to once he saw that Brown was actually contest meanwhile Superbowl fifty coming up on Sunday Panthers taken on the Broncos of all fifty just the second time all-time that matches the regular season's top scoring options Carolina and the top overall deep in Denver box packed takes center stage with two top teams match as Arizona heads up they take on Washington great one p.m. Saturday <silence> <silence> welcome back to the rich eyes and sure Super Bowl three pain is on the said time a Pro Bowl a Walter Payton Man of the Year he was one Comeback Player of the Year in his illustrious soon to be Hall of Fame career 'Good to see you drew brings an hour you about how we're going how's life doing what's going on with this raising to raise his spirits were probably coming on three or four seven five three.