Listen: "Peyton Manning is trying to leverage some sort of a retirement decision"

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Justin Edmonds
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Flagship we got into a discussion of this and he says why it why are you shorter peyton Manning is trying to leverage some sort of her retirement decision to be able to play again he ever think that he might be leveraging playing again vs. getting the best job or the most money or the best situation that he can for going to television and from what I understand to of the television networks we're hot and heavy sorry with all Paul just relaying Venice they were hot and heavy to try to get paid Manning into the fold to do a year of television to do one year of TB and maybe the delay of announcing his retirement was all about being able to leverage y might play again so they better sweeten the deal I want to work a little less so I want to I want to up you know five-star combinations I want to be able to fly my family with me for the weekend if I was to go to New York to do a pregame show something along those lines it's a good for Peyton the I know work Chris Mortensen has very good sources when it comes to the Manning Fallon so great to see more to get the news out there it appears Peyton Manning will retire on Monday you have a fought you'd like to share an anything that we've been getting into this morning the phone lines be open for hit eight five five two one-two four CBS eight five five two one-two four CBS it appears the Peyton Manning era is finally over in the NFL the jockey cake show CBS sports radio.