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Are Creepy Clowns Sightings Affecting Clown Costume Hire?

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Taylor Weidman Thomas Lohnes
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And it's it's been burning up on social media this creepy clown phenomenon up one now i saw this in a press enterprise this morning now you would think then if it's burning up on social media then the costume sales would be burning up two but that's not the case release not here in en one empire storms reported last thursday that while overall sales of hollow when costumes or the scary clown getups or not home yeah i want to anybody i noted aware that with all this whole horrid being going this is steve and steve in southern when the owner of funded corner in san bernardino he was quoted oppress enterprise saying quote i don't think this crazy is going to affect anything one way or the other i still out on clown items every year not just on halloween we sell them all year long on quote and i'm actually glad to see that at least around here that that this this clown phenomenon or or scare or whatever you want to call it it's not escalating and i think we all i think we all agree that then we don't want to see these creepy clowns anywhere we do we just don't want you know there are some parts account for you get a shot for that type of things he got to be careful out here you know i ain't going back to my my discussion earlier about the really did the really big serious things that with that are not being talked about for example louisiana as much as it's been flooded with more than two feet of water downpours have damage to ruin tens of thousands of home state leaders have declared the situation historic an unprecedented but have you heard a lot about it no exactly pm in just coming from baton rouge and it's around and low line areas of summers holmes and streets turned into rivers evidently call to mind tragic aftermath of hurricane katrina only this time.