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How Kendall Jenner Celebrated Her 21st Birthday

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Pascal Le Segretain
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Where do the dirty right now women's dirty in the thirty is brought to you by popper of banos so kendall jenner celebrated her twenty for this week wearing a look inspired by comparison twenty first birthday election did this i'm purpose happy to be custom still worst part goalie drake be dress cost nine all of the al yrs and took two weeks to recreate kendall caption whatever photos on instagram saying pairs still but the bigger story about her birthday kendall guy don't roles royce as it get busbee next i get that it's like okay are was waiting for kendall outside of the restaurant that she was having her party in a ten once tally would it to called belisle as she for gap to bring at home purchaser closely was talking about here we go outside in there is a rolls royce in this man standing there now said what's because the gift of guyer the carlos of his and then this guy just hands kendall a pair of keys to this current hasn't do even know this guy's he sounds premise that i was like his best on my twenty first birthday thing about like a dinner in a purse are something well you just get carson strange or you don't really game for a roles really yeah well what right now and this morning i was like those that your memory about like that's so we what is the head to get it oh my it for going out of high less than that that's not the car was wrong crease yet or you know some heels was like delivering it for her or something to sell relished jenner but it to her daughter or twenty right yes yeah okay so he love them even more than i already love and i get it the country music fans were not happy when they so it up to help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the _c_m a if this week with this is a surprise retirement person that is with the different tapes took this games on introduced performance had you know they since he performed his song with a victory chicks because they did the song on tour earlier this year but a lot of people were really pissed off about be on says appearance on the show one critic tweeted let me just have my country music i'm face another person tweeted that whomever invited.