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Listen: "The Kings were expected to fire head coach George Karl"

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Christian Petersen
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Warriors now forty seven in for Clippers a taking matters into their own hands were becomes the Blake Griffin and his restaurant round house to the equipment manager the team suspended Griffin four games when he is cleared to play the league will not add to that punishment Griffin will lose more than eight hundred fifty thousand dollars with the four-game suspension but it's pocket James considering he's going to rake in eighteen million this year in one final footnote on this night the Kings were expected to fired head coach George Karl we're being the key word Kings GM bloody divides announce yesterday that Karl will be the Kings coach for now they're trying to work through their quote on quote issues brother try new four for four when the stick work report only a Windy City for a limited time Bulldogs game tonight absolutely massive it should I hope I hope he gets to be close to a sellout.