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Listen: "Trump was able to keep his composure, not fly off the handle"

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Chip Somodevilla
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I'm not heard I've been trying to get Ahold of Trump team team Trump day yesterday and today I haven't heard from anyone of course think a mission to help the baby Boyd Theo so you know that the obviously absorb with that today but have you been in touch with any of team Trump today I I don't have many friendly of playing it seems to be are bad but if the shot I said what I want everyone made by no means by comparing well a side door wide like very well respected and by the way all are the down having would be did all day it was a billion challenging but it was a light but that's in order to play with legitimate and I will bad Big Ben but the most Bart despite being really already Katie and giving it carried a measure that I've did not might be battle back although they will bet it's composure not buyout and Leddy with even magnanimous to get better even on whether the wedding it with a high begin interview that came his way I promised better certainly have big called a barn by the way hunter Brazil agree with you I'm actually kind of impressed with how Donald Trump answered some very hitting questions professionally delivered a couple of Sparks and they're a couple barbs but that's Ok option host in there in total the bumps and their fine never let I'm just when they were not team trump is in the back of the plane you know they've been them in the timeout Joan because no one's answer in the phone let's get to the net I mean out of it watching know why they allowed to go on the radio shell of get out of third rate this summer with very little rating yeah the length the Rays proper I wrote a column for the Wiseman they were just got more attention than any of ridden year because it's fictional conversation about Wednesday night July twentieth in Cleveland between John case it can Ted Cruz where Donald Trump's in first place Ted Cruz is on second and case against him with the fourth ballot pending and and pay put on three do not seem to have thought they were ever of run-up Fletcher number hall and everyone in the Liberal media keep saying it to gets really close it's hard to see how to get there but I keep playing guy you don't get their what do you think.