Listen: "In professional football your fully aware the risks you're taking"

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In the professional football your fully aware the risks you're taking and I think that date York caught a signing off on it two harsher I D it was in the way yes in a way no like you're talking about a baseball football in high school football let that started I don't put up there the goal makes money at that open and then the state the program through the athletic department I lost out during their Dater get injured or do you think more high school programs make money or lose mine of sports yeah it was line and lose money that's why people have to pay to not apply I don't think I school programs are making money and affair I think some dude down self I would say the majority the whole across the country lose money I would think that's correct now if you know a kid and wants play sport you have to pay two four eight five three nine ninety-seven ninety-seven blocking Milford Hubbuch global I want to make a comment about a job when you have some people in any sport come into the league indicative callers to watch stay with the team throughout her career people have a goal of wanting to do what a championship and most players aren't in a position where they can really pick and choose what they do beer signed him they make the best possible but if you get the chance to move and win a championship who might hold him Backstrom doing what he wants to do is the right choice no let's go back to what this what was said though originally was set originally was retired for year than can find a way to get shop on the Patriots and win a championship and and what Burleson said was you deserve it and I'm thinking of myself if anybody deserves a championship to the equation of of Calvin Patriots and the Lions lions fans deserve a better championship morning else and if I'm not saying he can't continue to play football but he's under contract with the Lions even still even though he's retired and in that case if he's going to perform I wanted to perform for the Lions and if the Lions Tuesday used the commodity of Calvin to trade him I'm fine with that but I find this whole you know Calvin deserves a gold hits over championship somewhere else talk to be rather offensive runner fan base that it will in sixteen years in Detroit one is resigned he can get in Detroit I let a few years when he's promised anything when you play your leaving.