WWII Vet: 'We Mowed Them, We Massacred Them'

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all night long we're hauling up ammunition and we're trading in our rifles for B.A.R.'s. And we paired up. They sent us back to the edge of the town there in front of the main line in the buildings. And, sure enough, when they came in came morning, they came out, and that is when I got so disgusted, I mean I just couldn't do it. I mean, I quit because we mowed them. We massacred them. I mean in the snow, jeez, as soon as they stepped out of the woods, they were goners. And there weren't very many of us, you know, just a squad here and a squad there. But we were zeroed in on them. And they could not cross that 50 yards field and get to us. And they couldn't use mortars or anything like that because they were too close to us. Since we were paired up, I told my buddy, You fire. I will load. I can't do this. I can't do this. I mean - and then after a while, they came out with Red Cross flag to pick up the so-called wounded. There weren't any. And the stupid part of it was they did the same thing the next day and tried it. I suspect they must have had S.S. officers behind them, you know, saying either you can go in there or we'll shoot you. And yet he could never forget what happened. But I know I got my man because I saw the bullet go into him, right smack in the body. That always haunted me, killing somebody. I was not meant to be a good soldier that way. I did what I had to do. That was it.