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College Basketball

Listen: "Led to a couple free throws to put the game out of reach it is the fourth"

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Until then we're going to do this last week look I have another written down honestly is a paper from two thousand eleven into this I just write that all this is from two thousand body said two thousand alarming that I whatever it is a great idea high-grade ID efforts on ESPN and on the ESPN App Download ESPN app now the Boston Red shots here sports radio ninety-three point seven WEEI FM the one ESPN Radio well into the latter seen the top goal for much of the answer to the tournament it was not that way on Saturday of the two top seeds in action in the South regional final in lieu of all the little they held Kansas to forty-six percent from the field and four sixteen turnovers as a lockout be the Jayhawks sixty-four fifty-nine they let my three sixty-two fifty nine with Kansas turnover led to a couple free throws to put the game out of reach it is the fourth four for built over seeking its second national title and coach Jay Wright was thrilled beyond words you're a parent think your kids of the greatest and then when you see the live that out and become great just make sure hearts well BB If they were last year still think surgery but you can see the full pretty awesome I'm so proud in a time of the body heal show otherwise known as the West original final Oklahoma advanced to their fifth on a four and first since two thousand two with an eighty to sixty-eight win over Oregon a suitors went wire-to-wire and as you might have guessed but he'll that's something to do with that's an understatement He caught in Oklahoma single game into doubly record with thirty-seven points which included a threes as coach Mike mover understand why that make shot great confidence four here when we got it going early in it the shot thing have keep him cutting him in the NBA with Kevin around with thirty-one points ten rebounds leading OKC pass in Antonio won eleven a ninety-two Raptors over the Pelicans one fifteen ninety-one divide the Rosen twenty-three Braun twenty-seven points eleven rebounds finishes his forty second career triple-double has over the next one of seven ninety-three Celtics with the Suns one of two ninety-nine Oklahoma three to score again followed by going over Kansas on Saturday night with a trip to the final four on the line we Stephenson GM Calhoun preview the final four Monday morning with Mike in my head on ESPN Radio and ESPN too doing the most listen to sports morning show in Callahan with minute points five thirty-two sports radio ninety-three point seven W W win dot com.