Joe Piscopo On The Gay Community

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Hey everyone this is Jerry crowding General Manager at nine seven B D answer I wanna take you inside the studio with me today because and city within amazing fell Michael and they'll be inventor Mike Hill and I'm really curious my is the what you see zucchini you're incredible success frankly did seemingly came out and nowhere Paul Gerry I you know I woke up, god gaming this amazing idea in a dream to helps so many people get the best sleep with their life and what it does sleep affects everything we do and there's just so just my call US-centric way of saying to help so many people all with the same problem that I had or not being will begin to sleep right away sleep interruptions all I on candid sure neck and then try have a product assaults all these problems of something so important asleep is cheer health and I loved to tell my story here on here and sure if your dream is for your product or service did reach thousands and give Jerry a call that they have nine seven eating answer like Michael and they'll you'll sleep easier two one two eight five seven nine six four zero two one two eight five seven nine six four zero. Again when the legend continue coming up at eleven unpaid, this portion of piss couple in the morning is brought you by reliable remodel IRS your number one reliable and affordable home improvement contractor Call for your free estimate today at five one six five nine nine three one nine seven it's either reliable all it's not, good morning good morning Joe missed you know one AM night seven EBA, so dumb good luck, see duty Leon, Goodluck lets you time, a sad news you, Jill biscuit on the radio all the is a Tony Bennett from Queens New York we look Tony Bennett six twenty-eight with biscuit vote without the to look Frank humor on those here Debbie on the roads it's a national creed meet date Frank it just a texted me to make sure I told you that all all that's going on at the franc excited about as a that's incredibly today so whatever that means I don't know you think if you go out that's all I know so itI grabby kick out go see Doctor Plaza time hey you know what I wanted to want to now they hit something like the say the bad news you know but . It is my duty as a broadcaster now that they've at the New Jersey state trooper who died after being struck by car on I ninety five to ninety five it was nineteen eighty five and west effort in jersey shown column thirty one years old you know step that they help somebody and they got hit that my mother vehicle NRIA hearts go up to a colonel Rick flight this and Chris per goes he had the video you you know there were the troopers as a there's a very elite law enforcement say agency and watching over us and keeping terrorists that day not the mention drug dealers and all the harm that becomes a the great state in New Jersey. In New Jersey state trooper sore heart Scott told the troopers uncertainty the family of a Shawn calling very of his day David report thatI about some necessary and that something like that happened X-ray quite that that I like to ninety five is a good Road that's legal with a lot of traffic's also unfortunate that happen, but anyway at that and will keep track and NYPD detective that was hit by thinly fire but also for so good and look EPA posted on that as well six twenty-nine with physical Michael Harrison on the show Michael's publisher focus Magazine is a contributed to touch of gray it's a talk show for grownups I which comes back to AM nights heavy duty actor Sunday afternoon at one pm will be talking a Michael Steve on about of my good buddy from jersey the PBS nineties all over seed you can't and what he these Liza Lucille Ball politics about about he's Army Air constantly you know what's taking you go through will you go in New York and New Jersey wherever on PBS you'll you'll see Steve interviewing somebody so it's great to have Steve on the show Himmel color Kevin does the show right here in stations all after hours with Kevin big Ted Cruz report of supporter. Evangelical Kevin so we'll see what's going on because what happened with trumping who's yesterday you can't make it up die and he would Kevin says about it and bold deal legendary New York city cop an that private detective of global talked to him about this a detective, being on Windy antenna about I wanna talk the bill about the shows in vinyl which he was great with one Swiss isI yeah yeah being if you haven't seen it and he did it may be elite it really was very very rough but bold did a great job a me and you guys claim body come on a ballot all the great actors in that HBO show vinyl the base like a big big study Ebola the big star then you should see a now ho I'm glad that he called them he's got humility unethical pasta bowl in the morning I love that six thirty one Al standby with all the headline news and you're phone calls in eight seven seven nine seven oh twenty-nine ninety not let me jump the Matthew. Jersey the morning Matthew what's on you mind this morning good morning and thank you so much for your show oh let's joking thank you Joe just to brief points number one, trumpet in cylinders are also popular because they did not support these are necessary and deadly boards in Racket Libya which like they hypocrite Hillary Clinton is guilty of doing but my, the main point most which people don't like, a public schools the failing public schools unfortunately and the body just makes in announcement month believes he did he wants Tran sexual named the be allowed into women's bathrooms including by the way which Hillary supports. Including tenable element of those children in children's bathrooms right public schools this is outrageous and they wonder why the ratings around the toilet, yeah it's a good what Matthew thank you call thank you kind words an and again league except everybody I am I am very pro gay rights I love and respect have great affinity any respect the gay community at the gay marriage A loans owning something about that that you know we love all I mean really what would Jesus do that would be my answer the he criticism toured that but you're absolutely right when he comes the my kids like a very sensitive and I don't care. You're lesbian you gay eighty-eight transgenic I don't can we don't can we don't keep but don't allow somebody there's this the little somebody say oh Well I think a man but I'm a woman so month and he's the woman's room that these of red length took all the person creep IRS out there not do you right on the money what this because now might little girls the legal used the resting and as a guy you can't go in it I know father did you do that right okay honey go ahead and then you you want it so so stressful year outside the leading you'll think Reaper yourself and you wavy you daughter these in the UK giving senior Leica's eat unity of the women and then there and then some easily a nice lady upon by gone keep an eye on a some like that which is nice but you can't just anybody now now if a guy who walks India while my daughter the neck I can't say whoa whoa whoa hold up now Obama go to the New York got well known known transgender no I'm a woman on the one and I suppose the let that happen with what have we come to what lovely content that is as bizarre as it gets and I am as except thing to everybody as a gets that is just plain wrong and that's why you're absolutely right Matthew that's why Bernie is resonating and that's what the Donald is resonating because we are tired of thee Insanity thee sign it which is tired of the and Hillary that a wake up not losing Michigan he's really got a look at a self and she's gonna and you see this often stands and she is such a politician still change with the win should change with the sand is when you know it's all what what a body do okay I gotta say that I better except more young younger people you know at it and you know what that we want somebody was bold and who says it and it's politically and correct in its inappropriate and its below the bar. Rip it up Donald Trump this take it a call baby Leica were sick of that that everybody's a Friday at Ted Cruz a don't get me wrong I know you thought they could at the men suspected take this I get the VA say I thinly dine action these grades very smart police to he he sees I want someone with a little bored, you know what I mean who was a little boy can they would say it the way it is man and that's what I love about the not although I his criticisms certainly award scientist and I wished I don't like many goals and he's not he's there and he he brings up the state's Mitt Romney criticize the it Goldwater is headed there's there's an would look at for what happened a Trump stated Mitt Romney's pretty said and now on both I hit me get the the the the reporters take this they called take the water we have a vineyard it was brilliant it wasn't about wanting from Boeing look at this guy everything he touches and you got admitted you go run New York the with you like the not alone not you could not take away the fact that everyone of these properties is so of steel and meticulous I know even bed mystery but that the Lorie mistake out by my house by dead Mr with at all that he could his at a beautiful golf course out there but it's the top of the line and that's O'Donnell but I don't like when volatile tens a liar. Don't tell it don't go there man cold black hole that hold the Unified Unified dumb become president Obama you could do this but the point Matthew the great called appreciate it because it's so they're making they did just going out of the way to be politically correct Analyses won't there is right and there is room and now you know what that's like I like nano there's a resonated hey we got a lot to do obvious fired up this morning but I just love the change and I feel the change like I'd never seen in my lifetime and were right in the middle of the writing this crest and we could take it back and we could make noise it's like the people we actually camp oh my God we actually gal it's solid saidI thought they like give us give us a call if you one eight seven seven ninety seven all twenty-nine ninety nine you have got a seventy-four degree day-to-day head that that you know we say you deserve it baby you gotta be out there what did enjoy the warm weather enjoy the climate change enjoyed the global warming taken home enjoy you then go out and and making great great spring day here on March 19 ready Michael Harrison will join us shortly is the publisher of a great magazine called topic magazine and they have a new show one AM on Cindy ethical touch of great talk show for grownups and that a Sunday afternoon one pm Steve out about the local Vogue eagle on the program you know one honest Vista bone the morning frankly five boroughs right now let's jump out the few though he's got all the hid my news for you this morning here. This this may have nine seconds thee answer forty-five degrees at six thirty seven amounted to low would local news first here's what's going on the thirty eight year old man a spotting firs life after being stabbed in the chest outside a night club and it would early today, happened just after for I haven't opens lions on Western wondering second street near temp Evan you police said the stemming fallen argued involving several people the victim in critical condition no rests yet, New York Mayor Ross Barack urging the head of New Jersey transit to except in offered to prevent a strike suffer marks thirteenth in the leaded N J transit Executive Director Dennis Martin Barack a city strike would be a total cat catastrophe ever New Jersey computers as well as her the regional economy he hadn't Newark would be one of the municipalities that would be most affected by strike with residents bearing the heaviest Berdon federal officials of grow the state in New Jersey request a more slowly phase end penalties against residence who now need the satisfy work requirements to receive food eighty west bound of agriculture as approved the request from the state delay until later this year the requirement were so-called able bodied adults without dependence qualified the big aid in most of the state's twenty-one counties.