Game On! Cardinals' VP Of Communications Ron Watermon Shares His Excitement For Opening Day

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Michael Thomas
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Welcome back to The Cardinals on stole the show presented by Amor and Chris Ready with you on the Saint Louis cardinals radio network than we talk gay cool initiative The Cardinals have right now and the Major League Baseball has going on and we welcome Ron water vice president of communications to do so with us Ron how Are you happy almost Opening Day I can't believe baseball's fear isn't an awesome that's the best timing here Opening Day just around the corner wonderful will be on the Hot Stove League it you know at some point we had a cool down the point not baseball yeah we're going to do that right down through this edition we're gonna shut her down and get ready for Sunday in Pittsburgh then the eleventh at Busch Stadium hate let me ask you guys Ron before we get into play ball like Cardinal what exciting time and I know that you guys spend so much time of the offseason entire organization but especially your group.