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Listen: Lindsey Graham: "If there's three people in the race I believe that every vote John Kasich takes is a vote to help Trump"

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Justin Sullivan
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Link the attraction of Donald Trump on opened the people who support him a bad people and guess what they're gong to know it goes from these two states tomorrow Utah and Arizona and I'm not ruling out Ted Cruz winning Arizona there's some sort of their but there are a lot of bad boasted Atlanta gun charges but it goes up to Wisconsin next on April fourth that's the next big it will be a really sentiment on the gotten primary an indication that year picked up about were Scott Walker is a mess and how bad that spade players for the minute running of Wisconsin have ankle in a Week people listen an intimate John to six point of view you know if you don't make him look got coming John gonna do want to do that coordinate with a so that they don't compete against each other in Stage one canoe better than the other rally behind the dugouts and you don't him breaking out in descent Mets beer but if they can play when Wisconsin then I get everybody has to re evaluate but it the guns that when Wisconsin you know about opiate reconsider they can can this is a three-way per person primary Don't you my assessment is that actually crews have to win was consummate John terrific might be able to play in Pennsylvania Western New York and some of the Congressional District but that this would have had a close Palmer yesteryears every time it's a close prime a bit as better but you know Pennsylvania road out one of the time northeastern today no outs of animated more case Victor toward would appear to three people in the way I believe that every road John take it it is com no name but I just think that people it it down going on in the way of most of those people what could go to pit vs calm I we looking forward to a Lindsay Graham Ted Cruz joined an appearance summer if you get honored to a point in it clean you have to look at make it.