College Basketball

Listen: "The Cavaliers will square off against fourth seeded Iowa State in the Sweet Sixteen"

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Justin K. Aller
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There Huskies coach Kevin Ollie says a big deficit against that good a team that's not going to get a daunting O's is a game of two thousand are we play our best basketball in the second unfortunately we got down on the Wie was telling our guys and Island on The Rams tone themselves to change it down the toilet you know number one the top seed amid West Virginia moving around after Seventy Seven sixty-nine win over Butler the Cavaliers will square off against fourth seeded are Iowa State was Sweet Sixteen the cycle owns bewitched little walk seventy-eight sixty-one thanks to George Nguyen reporting twenty-eight North Carolina used a big second half to dispose of Providence eighty-five sixty-six Price Johnson a twenty-one points and ten boards for the Tar heals they'll take on conceded Indiana next week in Philadelphia the Hoosier stop Kentucky seventy-three sixty-seven Duke sought twenty-seven point lead cut down to three with under a minute to go but the defending National chance survived with a semi one sixty-four win over Yale the Blue Devils away to win of Sunday's game between Oregon insane shows Miami got twenty points from Angel Rodriguez in a sixty-five fifty-seven win over Wichita State begins on his back in the Sweet Sixteen for a second straight year after an eighty-two fifty-nine round of third seeded.