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Sports Radio Hosts Tiki And Tierney's Top 5 Games From This Past Weekend

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Ethan Miller
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Really good wins with get to five store right now time to book a lead berra has gone on to complain down under it's time for fun he and tierney's top five games from this past week in june route that actually carted to the store little sunday night stage noah brady no problem is the bat steal one out the desert the airport life unfortunately good no go through forty said that in the pads again with a let's base before games without brady but it was thought this will be the only game they would lose now watch figures in the past and drop it was probably gonna be the next brady they find a way to win yeah they do what a great three to cap a fantastic football sunday as the arizona cardinals host the patriots and looked lost that this is larry fitzgerald who had two touchdowns into an unbelievable catches down the stretch by the way which is hundredth career touchdown catch this is arizona team is going to be fine to it's a lost at home but it's a good so we'll coach to win the patriots team who as we all know it's next man up that matter if you're the kicker before the quarterback played fantastic what a pounded his way four touchdown in seventy yards in the new england patriots kind of just like the doing the patriots tom brady or not the pats wanted all of course to the court was the first in new england will host miami next week the guard is taking on the bucks got to be a fun matchup at a table for me a least early in the first half the one that written here with the undervalued hero of bad did a phenomenal job blocking obviously know brought but afoot for the through his body around it opened up a little space we move on our ride him we move on to dallas ryan strut his stuff but they haven't done since twelve they've been start the season the right way it's not that his life.