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Author Of WWII Survival Stories Describes A Monumental Moment

American author of 'The Last Train From Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back' describes about a moment during WWII that could have ended the war.

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"Tell the people who are running this war to stop"

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Let's mention Nishina now. Algoraz and Charles Sweeney have dropped a note to Nishina in one of those instrument packages. What did it say? - It told them that you know, it told the Japanese scientists that you have never seen that, you knew already that the, if a country had the resources to create the right materials, because it's the materials that go into the core of the bomb that'll take, really take the efforts of the entire nation to produce. Now that you have seen that we can do this, tell your leaders. tell the people that are running this war to stop. We regret the use that a major new discovery is being applied but the war needs to stop.