Jaguar's QB Blake Bortles Recalls The Phone Call That Changed His Life

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I had no idea they did a pretty good job either good member I members to maximize and I I knew the night oak or area code Orlando I think it was my burst Jacksonville's call right now no it's not and and my age is that he got it we didn't none of the Braves I think the nine OC where you can it's gonna make some noise this year watch after the Jaguars watch out for Blake four goals congratulations on everything it done so far and all the best go forward play thanks Mike Trout alright areas Blake borders on talent and I'm not saying this does he comes on the show from time to time I think the arrow is pointing up and there's there's got to be a group of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and as Peyton Manning retires is Tom Brady gets Closer to retiring as he does play ten more years Drew Brees is thirty-seven the quarterbacks who are regarded as the best in the NFL for the most part are getting older you've got a young group Russell Wilson Cam Newton they're moving in that direction Blake portals with his performance last year forty-four hundred passing yards thirty-five touchdowns he's on his way great receivers to putting great defense around him and washout for the Jaguars in watch out for when forms will watch out for your phone calls eight five five three two three four six two to the number to call to ask a question we've got some Twitter questions we've got some time to get to as many as we can will do that were returned as a PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBC a set.