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Listen: "That took the quarterback out of this game"

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Harry How
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Roger yes you're up they love you show thank you a great job line to say that it was the event at the quarterback has been very much breakout year to John Elway it for the other team a winning team and tried to ended with Love them all year what happened heartbreak is you know his ways I think I did the U.S. emotional for as the fans and for his teammates and depth was in the two also or guy but love them all year alright Ferrer won by to enjoy the game what to make of halftime have turned level of a love both you know the kids playing this amid you know the band loved seeing them the three active together just saying I couldn't really where I was watching I can really year the value of the music that adds a lot of love left them on size of entertainers before that was good I thought was a good show I have to say well you know Roger if you're happy I'm happy that's not a very they have a guy like that guy with a good and a lot of it was pretty good they are great production will show and I was glad to be held the right call a bag so much are listening in Louisiana I'm glad to like the show eight five five two one two four two two seven I did get up at the beginning of halftime time missed the halftime analysis by the CBS crew because I've been fitting in my tears Lie blogger year was tweeting I was taking notes all works out and My but was stuck in the same division Sunday did you have to move around and I got my dinner out input in on the countering never eight it together started watching the game in and I was you know you take it up during commercials I guess I could've gotten up during commercials they weren't all that impressive and so hey ended up making the beginning of cold play terrible thing is is entertaining it just wasn't memorable I guess in my opinion about Morneau Mars provided a shot of adrenaline to the halftime show and then I thought be on FEI was was really good when I like heard and and see what announced a World Tour based on this all on me right afterward that it was a brand new song so she certainly ratcheted up the clay so to speak on on Twitter and on social media the commercials I am I was waiting for the Clyde Dales all game week we get to hear them pounding three with their who loves we really get the fee the full Clyde fails about the Steve Harvey commercial was funny because he and I tweeted about this when he made fun of himself and reading the card wrong from the miss universe padded so that was good if there was a team mobile commercial the the poppy baby monkey thing had I didn't really get and I still now even of some people told me I can remember what the commercials for what was of All Mountain Dew yeah started it get much stuck with me that many Cooper and I thought was interesting but it and that's what five million dollars buys you these days yikes at a local radio is where he can by me on Twitter Rick fed this isn't the first time can is down as a person is true colors tend to show.