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Listen: "The Tar Heels have major bigs up front"

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Streeter Lecka
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Inside the kind of liked it inside outside gave the got going I love the inside outside game Yogi feral his point guard play has been as good as anyone in the nation Tom Creen did such a great job with this team I mean I thought he was coach of the year all for what he was able to do you look what I remember when they were in December in December they were five three a we're calling for his head fifteen times it's another and he just goes and I don't know what he twenty-two added next twenty-five whatever won the billion the it's going to be an amazing match up especially on the perimeter and yet all the talk is going to be about the guards but that it the issue was going to be the front line Thomas Bryant's played terrific for Indiana the Tar heals have major bigs up front when you look at Bryce Johnson who was an all American when you look at the fact the price Johnson and Isaiah Hicks combined to shoot and seventy percent from the field and the into doubly twenty-one We haven't even talked about the Kennedy Meeks they have so much size Caroline on the boards but if you love guard plight I got a turn into this one yeah Marcus Pageau he Farrow and well how you think that things are going to shake out well Marcus Paige is going to do more damage from behind the arc in this one Yogi will do more damage off the balance I think it you know obviously making shots becomes a factor of both teams will look to push the pace and no look to get some buckets I talked and coolly Providence as head coach recently in May obviously last over the weekend to North Carolina and I said is there anything that surprised you about the game and he said.