Joe Piscopo On Black Lives Matter

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Mike Gallagher
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I beat out E.T.A. is the hottest sounds Aaron cash on every day purges is on the groceries apparel Electronics restaurants and more just I'm not shot for me, and it again, download I bought it today free from the App Store and for a limited time get ten dollars just for trying it, I be out for cash back every time you shot you've got an eye body, stuck in traffic we've got the, westbound prospect Expressway starlet from the brought here out three third avenue we got away zombie R.F.K. Tibor abroad down assault, Knox out lanes Jackie Robinson Parkway with the Metropolitan Avenue has none off right after Taylor filled speaking at the right wing Brock somewhat soon bridge mentally or start but cleared away a little bit of a residual delay, remaining in that area, and we're looking at about it, when it down, Holland tunnel, he was one of breaking even poking officiate out, Harkey was on that, eighty West on a forty-two with me, lindor out with an actually wound up in a fetal eighth and batted twelve dot that the thirty seven Imlach away, head over to the turnpike lesson for northbound, Max infinitely blocking The Rams, the Vince Lombardi thrilled with area, if you traveling in Westchester on the brunt of a per play southbound over by lead with driving down three in Chester at the right time, close, now checking your forecast thunderstorms today highs around ninety dropping down to seventy-two tonight skies partly cloudy for more mostly Sunshine less human with a high eighty-eight. Now no I'm not to go I'm city Wittman on am nine seventy the answer, this portion of this skipper, in the morning brought to you by mode, boarding good stories, good morning, welcome to try, briefing, here's what you need to know to start today, it's just former Saturday Night Live Superstore to this, produced when Franklin, with new Stein, and traffic, do you do, this is, in the morning, then the Giants, the answer, , , , and everything, read More around, Knighton, at MetLife, right, that E.N. Atlanta, you know Harvey few families and rightfully about that and we give me stay with me to say via work on state ahman the blue collared shoulder exists went on state and when I see Bruce I remember watching him once I said to my assistant at the time they don't ever let me complaining and he works so hard but when those guys play day like one bit, at the piano your hit knows Keys heart you know when you don't match why Bert and the drums how could he possibly keep that calling for four hours delight superhuman the East's Green Bay and is the greatest rock and roll band and the history of music I really believe that and Bruce as the league guy, if so Sunday at got a sight that I feel stupid having though I'm bum bite might, he got one more shot twos two things I feel stupid about this morning Bruce. What filling in, yeah it's going well, all look at my related, so we'll pick at the US Open but were going forward right, can look back you have to be positive a new relationship Tuesday Bruce Reds hey that's it, we look, I have no idea what's the them, , a guy would follow you wish you will contest you know I met, no no no no matter the guy, they did it, they have a big night where going the hearing, one the spot but contest the other day, and now he's excited come on the Christians like a great goalie so that we have the contest was even a Michael's in Brooklyn contests everything, really terrific people Why Don't We do it a date with Joe comes, how I'm on I'm them with that aspect, help upward, what they Joe gives the call, it's Evans said, nine, nine, Blake over thirty need not a, U.S. misery, the groovy misery, mean is number one fan balls, the, over, over there D. be ready, but you know what though you know what Godley though it so it's okay, if he'll stupid get out of relief that you look what you did how Yuki and how they ripping a hot out at stop on hard, B.B. from Naples my people Maple it's like gate they just Kelly and then you just go what it was like thinking, what was Lightning but it was a bad but that's the chance you take when you go into a relationship to give yourself over knowing that you're up our could be stopped. A moment answer is true Speaking of Naples and I want to make sure everybody gave the two had not yet national time American Foundation to be good and I have to be able to help up those in such a little E. News wise Frank going get out to C.B.S. Radio seconds here but not me, stay in Italy devastate, almost a five , I'm not on the Rick just Guelph was a five magnitude, and after shocked said, the big earthquake in its eligible multiple nop thats not just won that, that might obvious that reason is quite and you know money stable is terrible, feeling for those Folk set as an and what is the word is like, how many ten over over two hundred fifty people are India and I'm fortunate that number's likely to not likely to climb as more people are recovered and as the missing get added to that time, that deft so it's just set situational with our hearts going out hearts going and and again if you want to give to tell you know American relief dot org Italian American released out or Sun the Bucks and five bucks a nine hundred bucks would've you could do a because you know what in Italy as glorious says the country as you note is a socialist kind of country in the N.B.A., it's not like an that and the rescue services or great, but it ain't like here you know so they need something you just feel for the people here and hopefully likable look at knocked a question it Betty don't eight ten right now not the question of five boroughs but you know what like a said yesterday and I want to be rude. But goodness gracious they know the fourth line said there, but I can see can't move a whole town, the four lines are there its historic it's a tourist destination they were preparing for food Festival, in, I'm not cliche and they here that you know, what was it that the original was quick was what five supply six point too many Shady's with Bills all building game at about, I mean it's devastating, that's the only word for anyone Italian American relief dot org nominee tight something it's linemates biscuit pole in the morning at ten right now Mike algo joins but I love that we're open here and your phone calls always listen to Joey on the radio eight seven seven nine seven of twenty-nine ninety-nine I got most skin in the game, you know Democrat now about love former lifelong blue dove Democrat conservative Democrat member them J.F.K. member that Reagan Democrats memento yet I was made but no more left the Democratic but I can't bring myself that I became a Republican for a couple hours to vote for Donald Trump a New Jersey, and then Ivory registered, not affiliated with any political party collect tell you how proud I into tell you that I am not affiliated with any political party, the call mean independent but New Jersey another dependent cause that's another party, I'm not a Philly it with a part, now when I watch I'm very upright Matic and watch everything in the liked uses words pragmatic let's be I'm a co but everything and what I learned when I want to school Freddie on television got my degree at that little school college you know object typically in Broadcasting objectively. When Hillary does a speech yesterday and watching the speak it's scary it's bizarre it's desperation not saying Hateful Eight four-way have no skin in the game, but it was a very bizarre speak very bizarre speak now he's talking about this guy Band and who Donald Trump hire just talking about the Olt right the alternative Wright hit that she's an annus in saying if you're White per cent your racist meantime she is out of this group, Black Lives Matter who support killing police officers when they can get to police officers Hillary's right there they won't put please thought but there's in uniform at the Democratic national convention, they allow the inner cities to go out to disarray would Donald Trump bones about I've been Ray Allen about three years on the show and it's about two hundred conservatives addressed the shoes of the inner cities and the school's all and there's no tabs on the edges, as I see it, you know what punch that and the drug Beal is keep the peace I know what I'd been there and you know when you get to the heart of the inner cities, I mean you can put you can bet did not get paid abroad, stroke and say all of its African Americans everywhere but within the inner cities in such as black Americans it's immigrants that go into the inner cities because they can't afford to live anywhere else the Trumpy lows that hit me in the paint families off not the same effect they pay you love and won the drug of the gives them on is this what with living in the United States of America hit Hillary is going to allow six hundred thousand. Syrian refugees in which he gets an office, none of that was addressed yesterday now I go I'm out on the C.B.S. News junkie, I think kaep figures doing spectacular job, as ahead of C.B.S. News, yes so what Scott Pelley Murray's Dubois by the way doing a great job an Evening News, and I watched Charley Rosen immense respect from Mr, but I'm watching the morning show the C.B.S. morning show, the whole narrative of the opening of the eight o clock hour, was about the alter Wright was everything Hillary said they broke it down they put it on the news and they made it what legitimate, that is not objective journalism well I I don't even a certainly blame C.B.S. for this I blame Hillary Clinton because when like she's a major party presidential candidate when major party presidential candidate spends, I forty-five minutes talking about something that's knows so that when it Donald Trump said something Frankie five Barrows of Donald Trump we're right elbow that old she the big it what are they showed the girl behind Donald Trump off is right, Rolling arise Hillary's a big hit, look at, always negative when Hillary said that they break it down and try to legitimize it and it's not fair if not pair because you know what I can see if Hillary, didn't take the money effect Rick Perry est I can't see if he were if he had a regular job a few is a business person I could see if that if the Clintons won on the public payroll their whole life I can see if it was Bernie Sanders. I could see it there was somebody not of the machine but clip is our the me, team and the presses spoke why didn't figure and Mike maybe some the press what's the keep it that way they like the status quo this industry a politics in D.C. I think you're right and I think there so I don't think it's just the so-called liberal maybe I think is a lot in the conservative much movement this , it's pundit lobbyist special interest combat was exactly would thrived under Hillary Clinton addressed ration just as they'd be blown up under trumpet Mr. Schmidt Hillary Clinton selected president I think you're going to see within to within a year or two Shelby under investigation for political corruption, all sorts of influence peddling by a special prosecutor and that continuing the Clinton, unless it listed Frankie to win and again again on all made the which than anybody and really don't some might I'm in eight in my exits on care, live than let live I loved everybody it's great, Tim came as president if Hillary cuff a bit something happens, and she's not well she's got to step aside because he isn't maybe he really not well, didn't Kane is President all but my sister Kyle figure stuff but it looks like the guy you bowl with on Wednesday night doesn't it, if I have a hard, his president, they knew we got me, I'm a lob to disrespect the guy but do we really want that and on the other hand that Donald Trump gives boards as I've had it it's rigged I'm out here and Governor Mike Pence goes up we could live with that. I'm an update on the Dating saga for what was that writes that there's anybody, oh my former English teacher Vernon Loria who you Mets, down and read Bank, she, those are well you know The Artist, anyway, he set my former teacher, he said I'm over thirty unmarried I will date job but he will know you're safe no worries I sat out column, he responded, he doesn't have to worry about having any more kids that I'm a safe bet, yeah, the native of area, I don't baby, very very little time it if there is very very I'm Moe face in the sense that if the gals Mary his aboard friend and doesn't matter what can put him on Jimmy Kimmel you know it's got, we fight, here, there may wind up now, I gig I didn't do that know it's going to be a real thing I knew nor any employee winning all that's Frank's I forgot, , popular women, with the ball, meant that, he needed, fit, the eye noting me I get to go to wait yeah I don't you, though, now Kristin mingle back calm, eight J. date I need another You can ninety-eight, I can tell you grow you can't going to donating Davis for Jewish people and they don't just how good with the guys on the contrary goal on, of are not, Rob I heard some listens divisional Ivan Matthews back he's my spiritual rabbit with, one of them and goat could Utah. the local them, I don't know about that, I need a nice conservative Dafoe I not taken no whose very very religious caused a charge at me that I've done This is a great fantasy puck, life, laid out, we got to limit, all of us the bigs perfect sense when you do it absolutely not, absolutely not, you Q.U.E., Kesler you have your argument out, perfectly by the way, we did what Alicia within the birthday of lead to forest the father of Radio on the man invented the Audi on today would've been his birthday born today an eighteen only fright was number of even I would only friendly doesn't get enough credit for is obviously the recovered enough, , eight eight The with the buckle heads into the duty of Bigger bed Charlie periods of other followed high had Charlie good Marty how you do away, outside floated lead before, go to college, it because you resting him us Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, Europe, when thrilled to show Gilmore girls gap they don't have Yale, either way, you get a big Allen and guile, get well Jennifer too long, big our was touches Platonic friends and yeah these Mo, solo E.N. belong, again, whatever that deeper top twelve real core yes throughout the need to do with three teams, Boston, well it and terror, you can't trust Hillary which Chinese he'll all are in a lot, property including the home, three and fifteen years into the night eleven. Moore picked him, I'm wants, and Kelly and Con where you can donate mised before that the total to Towers Foundation, John I'm used to this assists as well that's crazy sells more like that Charlie that's a good trust the right I'm not Mariani lesbian long, I'm not Mo in my planning within a plea when they still you hope you you friends at number I think needed at the other day on steroids out of mode eight months, I had so much entered digital off to steroids or you often on them to today's unless they take to pose now it's next forties is one Perlman I'm done but okay but you're all time great play, great arm like that, not come witnessed are during a whiskey against voice which is why the Jaguars Friday mix write that but we have we're gonna, yeah I mean it was marriage, all the data rumor declared so, let friends down there declared seconds to go getting moves it's our doctor friend I think unease doctors down a cities, I don't think that lead, by the way might get you go back to the gym would be very happy to give a while, Durant, I can't think of Ellis open like that He's, more, lifted and very little I'd so loyal any relationship I don't think around him so loyal I get, whether weather and you know you look it's up by just not working out sometimes you not feel when it but on the into my in on Bear and I'm always there for but that it doesn't always worked out what he makes a good I've played him many mother's probably but some it's going to come. No no matter no boyfriends no known not than the ended the whole thing off figure to figure out some less point you made on conservative Democrats before Joe that yeah, remember us, if the Democrats re take The Senate this year and if they win a number of key Governor ships it's going to be because of conservative Democrats running for office now we have the Evan buy in Indiana, the the work that was a seek the Republicans are likely to pick up now to seek that Democrats unlikely that he's a very conservative Democrat big Democrat running for Governor in West Virginia, the billionaire you Cole guy won't endorse Hillary, very conservative, he's had a good chance at winning same thing in Missouri same thing in Indiana, zero conservative Democrats so maybe this story it's not being told his year is the resurgence of the conservative Democratic movement some some the common sense of an Democrat party, because the progressive thing is just isn't going to work is on where the love Bernie you appreciate burning but the that whole, social isn't is just going to work now so, he Engel the ball as you had dinner This Week, and who do you think paid I'm wondering I don't now I'm worthy you and I don't know where you know, you never mind, betting, somebody all those two guys, there are a lot of haven't but if you never want to be and not in a but if you had to choose one of the other. Without a doubt Bernie paid did there's no way to Blasio recent was bucket, not a chance if he's up in Vermont Antonetti and Burnie will submit that and that is part of I would be surprised if the buzzy us admits it to the taxpayer yeah Baltimore we should try were painfully security for him to be out there you know what give us a call eight seven seven I Thibodeau twenty-nine ninety-nine how's your Frank is your peers could well here in the radio deadly by the way the Channel Seven we miss are terribly but he looks beautiful and love, Lee and talented with Kenny resigned on the A.B.C. seven group over there, and that we always want to keep am months heading into dot com on your Smartphone to keep us by your side that you wives baby if your wife to channels added a twenty-two right now Cindy Wittman is on the road will the traffic on am nine seventy the answer, stuck in traffic, we've got the answer, we've Midtown total has a breakdown all traffic hitting towards Queens is that a standstill as a result the Braun found White's the bridge had an earlier start but cleared out of your way allies service run by somebody people part as the brightly locked up with crashed, ultimately West tennis Clendening catch a P.F. went out to reflect berth, notably isn't known if you with the process of his but what he was on effect went on a backhanded forty-two perfectly right slot. Fast, M.W.P. evenly, reply, one way, and checking triumphs it literally can even lines that they would filling that, minute because of the fell through, New York, half of a from the start, what are the rotation aligns any money, the problem, check your forecast we've got thunderstorms in a Heisman ninety seventy two tonight mostly sunny tomorrow and I threw it behind eight, the supported by few by positive coaching line, involving eventful fourteen need to know about positive putting a life he via a national nonprofit organization develops better athlete the better people P.C. worked up help coach appearances can athletes pursue winning in life lessons to sports visit positive coach dot org, you know know how not to go on city Wittman on am nine seventy the answer, hi this is Frank Marrero and a wonderful thing is just happen to me I'm just undergone a remarkable transformation that I'm excited to tell you about, I lost thirty pounds in only forty days with the Brooklyn wellness center weight loss program that's right thirty pounds in only forty days people seen on the first advance his Howard you lose so much away, right, you can lose twenty to forty pounds guaranteed in just forty days and too good to be true it's not I'm living through it's time to look and feel you vessel head over to doctor Mullen to Keller and the Brooklyn wellness entered today it's the ultimate weight loss system no drugs no shots no one of three hits all natural and doctors. 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Four hours per day at affordable rates, three Star your families peace of mind called visiting Angels toll-free today at eight seven seven three seven four All Ivy, or a visiting Angels dot com, playing with these Ross is something special, and for a limited time across view just victims then, and American Vlasic work classic run if not quite a milkshake, not quite nicely, it's a deftly job, more, that Joyce's on uses bone or a French dry, anything, draws make summers bash, yeah, there's nothing quite like abroad, there's nothing quite like this be wrong for fifties then it's yours with his deal number, small Frostee averages Brady Wendy's for a limited time , good morning I'm warning biscuit though the morning eight twenty-six right monolith you're out the two low would jersey Joe on the radio Vinny looked homeless having not buddy from my score Lovie of many thanks to listen about, I appreciate all the correspondence my cousin Pauly Speaking of Pauly Michael supported by zip might go every week of take those so well but it might go Lloyd his arm isolated goodness he loves my pillow we love Mike window and I look telling you about Mike than down this offer that he has for you exclusively listening to am night seventy vs. it when you buy that one premio, besides my pillow and you get another premium size my pillow and toe goal one in whip a los for Price one forget the travel pill. And the couch it was great to get the best by sleep well but the should bring to travel Pillar with me and at the hotel that with the hotel the kills my back when Elena lousy Bedz so keep I could bring the Mckillop and America's top right you're you're gonna Michael about calm by the way is seen a ray of great products and Michael Gulls come up with a right now you can get four for one exclusively, here, on am night seventy be at eight hundred six five one zero seven ninety-eight, use that Promo Code am night seventy or go to Mike pillow dot com please we should use a Promo Code, am ninety seventy is just for you Ok don't miss out on Mike Glendale's four for one pillow offer, eight hundred six five one oh seven ninety-eight use the promo code am ninety seventy, putting in the work, the her Long Island heater and with Joe Fisk of moorings sixth in on, nine seventy, the enter, good morning good morning Joe biscuit ball on the radio this is eighty am nine seven T.B. at am nine set to the add To dot com, five boroughs as here, here are your from calls and eighth added seven, nine seven known, twenty-nine, on the radio, so how some day, price, if there, if a, white with friends, with text me on her own, I will live there has been no that that tasty that's good I don't like to it one answered until I like to call to hold you know somewhat so. She Jackson because she saw something isn't right I just eight, that is that is threes Babs with its respect, and that's the way and that's where expected inspected I would never, that's why don't crossed the line with married winning its own crossed the line with some of the got a boyfriend if someone into the relationship I don't trust that line you know what I would never do the somebody that was done, I was going to play Bob seasons we've got tonight but I don't want to be, one, and he it, the bye but the emulate going so I like got along, live at live less Friday night with the bat plays Brady there with them and using it, all of that, my life my leg and get and again I I'd say it like I tell my mom I thin mob this is all guys that got that and then we talk about what's going on in my life and you know what it's who just that so, and didn't minor you know what I mean you can't make it a big figure that but first Friday when Alcides shop right about myself what's that dump that still had that eye lead the kids off the kid I don't quit misses somebody Bigger picture used a minute us magazine stars They're not just like us, basketball is dropping by No, you know when peg and Bob get would be mind like the day heart and that views that no with Rolling with a guy like a Rolling Snyder release. by that I think this is so bizarre but he top rated Friday night shopping event I've gotten, sleep over the next night, and I'm all by Mike of the Bob Dylan Blake, meantime a dogfight kids are with the ad, and her boyfriend and the part of the driveway grade headed, right, about, I believe that they don't segment, he's going from thin, I said that job would be nice I knew hoping something, I can and you know what if I could I would I really if I could up would to support everybody, I guess I what, like I take the most Samoa what we what I said to break demo well what do i have to pay the other Rex now what is it for at all well this private school do what doesn't have to be private school for the net to be private school I think Can we just two public school, I just like if I could but I like I'm more I nickel and dime my way around on Monday bleed announced a body of you know we can do Joe I've actually been authorized, give out a might hello traveled above the go anywhere, to ever win the next five minutes comes up with the best solution to your Dating to nineteen item might Miller, and then you can give a might pillow re travel, the called the go anywhere, if you're which is a great tilt absolutes I slipped on The of the day and people goodbye play I was along with us. I'm just not to make side it was a great suggestion I think he's athlete and on those people around you you get a Mike but a nice respite, Ron the might Bello out your caught up with them by phenom who said that you've heard all the couple by the way might have to walk path reviewed I haven't but that's a great joke we gonna do that about you but I'm a German full a little bit so could be little problem will get chippy Chicago and that Club, the told his before I told his before as a one time I met a suite at told his total before that, using a Ralph know it, that was it, I would look at that was G. went and there was a guy he was be on home he was still dirty the listen this Affeldt so betterment told his before but if you new to the show, at the time he again because I'm open honesty Steel City and the guy was like cross did with Durant I thought so sorry for him not only got and I was minor just what continually skate well Chi due to help the Spurs, as I will buy him in the owner in everything also off ups a bit I here, you just go piss good vote, he Nole and turn around, I know Hey man who are you like that he puts is hand out and this and had will I don't even know what on it where that has that right. Blitzes and that he's assists, well on your him first before you gives him Hall, I The and then in a good Christian way, I put my you but everything was in soon, home, I put my hand that he reached that I took my head, Eddie class Mayan truly soon nice can reach was a God Bless you brother again twenty pucks and play well yeah Well I'm gonna do it without one hundred percent or my denies it so I walk away, zero two, you're Al today it was pure pure so when I and I have to was the helping him like no lead was a talisman like that get out and was the or tonight, to do a T.V., got out the Hall, and I kind of put on a little bit but you know what a twenty pucks were not help that guy, but my heart was at least on the field but somebody's taken home, second home, he would not, all you know what I think it's anyone put him in you call are pleased with how to buy a new car, what would somebody should intent using of whether shooter appear Rel, like Spider Man like, , nets, it's super league, man, I could great idea when you're in the middle of Bradley think the movement not a movie idea usual work with George format, George well that ready ideally grade on the radar he was so but fight that you know. Let's greet one another I want work Catholics I don't want to get anybody, that play with a unit they give a home and home in charge that's Green everyone, but what agreed everybody cut, what kind, I don't want to do it, you know the Christian Yelich of the great I told you when I was that the station and I was the Minnesota and I'm across out so the good the Christian director of the station and their said, would you like to praise he said that to me well you like upright and I am, I get nervous as a cap like, it will be a pre by myself I said I can no thank you very much but Catholics a very very were very careful like that on that much anybody on a C. anybody I want to go on my relationship with dotted me one on one with not really don't look, Don't talk that may be crazy what a look at any rate, Don't you, the guy caught that, right, bettman humans who like that, once those guys know my look at hand a for Kitchener, like it yeah just know moment, a little bit on your hand I let while you're taking the person's in you and the perfectly show us only charts wouldn't senses me when I gonna go let's extend the Carolina thanks I'm at peace be with you don't mess what I got a repeat photo you want to talk about it, hats,. No, you want the way I love Greiss yeah, I am of follower D. when the one-on-one, noted that the duds number, I have a meds respect for you not, hi Sway to guide youth I love your eye poke with the thirteenth up off the line left, but hit both free he has I love you but oh my moods, I get that, well well hold mad at thirty-five or does get Bob sorry were the silly mood this forty-eight seven seven bowed Thibodeau twenty about ninety backed by Gallagher will come back to bring some credibility to the program, at age thirty-five right now Big Al got all the deuce for an am nine seven B.B. answer, this is a unknown, the answer seventy-nine degrees at age thirty-five amounted to low with local news first, here's what's going on a five year old South Jersey void loves police officers and he's showing it, the William Everett junior saved up is allowance money for seven months to buy lunch for police in Winslow Township on Wednesday, and his mom says he was gonna by a power wheels, police Cruiser but decided the bye subway sandwiches for local police, instead because he wants me officers to be healthy, he wants to be a police officer and apparently decided on a kindness day, after seeing a YouTube video about a homeless person, cubs call the first greater selfless act remarkable and show their appreciation, by giving him a zone badge is a police department shirt. And Police car stickers and that is recovering after he was Semin ahead with a steal be even a freak accident according to police, the man rear end of a truck in the intersection of Louisiana Evan you and Dewitt Evan you earlier today causing a steal Beane sticking up on the back of the truck to smash for the win showman hit in the head firefighters had a cut open the court to get the men out he's being traded, The Police are investigating the accident, in sports Seth Lugo pitch five scoreless innings picked up his first big league went as the Mets beat The Cardinals tend to six , a hundred Diaz a homer drove in five runs in the amazing, we took their first Series at Busch Stadium since two thousand and eight and yes the answers loss to get in softball what else is no by the final nineteen to thirteen stuck in traffic city women's got the answer much tougher to leisurely a light service road westbound they would even Boulevard right means locked up with a crash damage North his heavy from London Boulevard up to me she was gonna tell your tied up, from the damage Expressway out to its left for its Queens Midtown total Queens bound to break down cleared away, the Bronx down drugs like bridges going a little slow crosstown Swift and shams up from the Buckner out to third avenue you hear hats of across things are in great shape alternate side parking rules alright effect eighty West and have that crashed basic forty-two in par seventy clear to play. There's still from eastbound rubber Nike delays as well and checking Transit your path Ranger back to normal falling earlier equipment travel there are signal trouble for yourself the main key trains or delayed, over by hundred twenty fifth Street and southbound Q. trains are also affected with signal issues over by Twenty Third Street, now checking your forecast we've got a chance for some thunderstorms a are high gets to ninety dropping down to seventy-two tonight for tomorrow mostly sunny unless humid with the high, eight you now know how not to go I'm city weight men on am nine seventy the answer, brought to you by organic infusion dot com with yoga gaining popularity so was the use of a aroma therapy organic infusion dot com sources it's oil's farm director and passes the savings on to you go to organic infusion Scott Kahn today and experience it for yourself organic confusion dot com to tell you about group twenty-two Toi, I hold on my hand the Cards given to me by Alex can sell the General Manager over twenty-two twenty or the Heat would love for you to drop by because if you're tired and deal with dummies one buying a car we invite you to go the route twenty-two Toyota and experience what they call your true Price a whole new waited by a cart, they're the Laura largest indoor shown due to love the shown Norman sure rooms in New Jersey given the family business for over forty years I met eighty. 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One one one oh six all offers are subject to under writing approval after our with Kevin Mccullough coming up this evening and try, seventy-eight, the winner, Mike Gallagher Grayson the air waves this, fifty thousand Watson said, in a two minute minor on thirty-five I know you got a lot of people talking that you this morning Mike thanks for jumping on welcome back and scoring eleven I love listening to you guys it gives me a smile on haven't had a rough twenty-four hours after meet Otis the other day, I Pompey Rory has been diagnosed with diabetes now I didn't know dogs could get diabetes having to know and now I've Welsh has been drinking water and was a publishers twelve years old been might Mike shadow Mike, yeah yeah yeah I'd hosted a Facebook video last night for Joe Piscopo fans who want to check out, you know Rory I did a little faced off video with her her in me on the seat but yeah just kind of scary because it has been drinking water drinking and drinking and break can, like like I mean I can to keep the ball fill a bit of what he's never done it before in and they ran test, he's got diabetes, well now when we do well, that said ever her Vensel in shots this bat they see me common They started, please, Rolling their kids in college for their glory get you believe these guys when you believe these guys. The play tick up a lot, asked that was hundred dollars, one blood test and that over the phone they say well we'll do more but we don't eager to come back, the blood we already have that was another three hundred Dowell we wish we wish to roll the best met the night before we let you go because you got a lot of people calling this money cause you're a big start might Gallagher and we appreciate your presence zero the program but when he got to this Hillary speechless, let's not to mention their vote, no you were at the bottom I guess I don't know how much lower Wheaton Gatineau if we got, you know she's calling the Trump supporters racist and he's a racist he's call in her a big it what is the all right we're going to try to get guy Benson on hear from town hall these are great at his great but I also give a hard time about Vienna never Trump or you know, he L.L. argue about that never Trump thing but you all right she calls that Alex Jones the talk show host yet, you've got to be on cloud nine right now his role happy and how played in France the Banning of of, protective clothing for women who wanted goal in the water, Beachley Ocean, and this debate there have been overpay I mean religious Garbutt is the third, yes struggle with very tricky story we're going to try to navigate those waters as well got some audio from the at the campaign back and forth and I'm gonna talk to someone Joe Piscopo who may or may not be Bill Clinton over how he made seventeen million dollars your body Brian whip in La today. That's still a take the interview brought to you by the way for the first time, by Mike No, hey all of them as Hunter he might talk to someone who may warm, it meets your we love might lead Del Brian Winters, you Simmie love you might Gallagher will be listed at night but not elaborate weekend guys and Dent dopey alone this weekend, with, one, thank you buy gave forty-five by get, I have what Ashe moved on, I'm I'm on I'm going to go to Ruth in Queens Good morning with what's on your mind this morning down, we had good morning Hey Joe I don't think anybody buying your tail of wall about your love life, listen from you have a great T.V. your timing years talent you're good-looking, you have a defensive unit during the year, I look easier, fantasy, when you have women winding down things that have been ago but we're going to save your numbers that you know my you battery who a year ago, , but I'm to the line, listen said Hall stay on the Fall rectified will be right back the thank you very much and that route you are Swede are thank you very much that is so Chi but I think I because I am might less animal from all those things going on some of those things and county well when you like that I allow myself to get hurt you absolutely right reach out and I really look on the Napoli it back we'll we overall May. It takes a lead would my heart i get crushed every time will get a guy losing in the Brock's goring was website your by does awarded my eye, getting back to the parallel, I will search has just two rounds to spend, it coming, yeah, the guy you come in and Donald you, push for you don't win it and when you, Lucie display great raised a season that I do have a question for illusory, if you're realm that's new isn't next to the holy water are isn't away from all the work of our you know it, it's in the vast if you will, Lucie has a great thank you sweetheart thank you so much for call me appreciate that, more than we could tell your let me go to John and North Bergen hello John what's on your mind this morning, I let you know, so what I just one of the top two but he returned you're not folks, how to get over, yeah yeah, I was watching Bucks, watch the man dipped a touching anything the table , I clothing and it was me and every minute of one point yes, my Petra told me about, it took to his new role, cycle therapy, the guy was the guy who was a College's men's Steve Phillips has lived in Manhattan on thirty-six treat Alexis almost no so season John C. we joke about and I got Leno Helling men Del came on a night filled with Helu bad about how he was very serious leg is a prime did you ever really upset took a pose a problem with it. If the slavery yeah I come here in slate to the future if tightening, the thinking about it, so what would it take Nique was, he told me make a list of twenty-two things you're pretty took part in order to be here is yeah Thursday don't be the first who will start with the two that you least afraid to touch me if you will, Mike hands, yeah I knew Rex like right okay because, we are new touches, home, and why should that, every time you watch in-depth, but that first thing that we've signed such yeah, but you can parlay an on you want that but that thank you so that I tell us but C., I jokes and we joke about it but I'm take on that but that the people I like that member member when Hanley Min don't we thought we thought the percentage he was serious about how we would put listening to listen to be a towel in the hotel Shat work on the bottom of the bet that when he took a towel leg in a shower slowly but a towel, he would put was a note and now I'm not that bad I'm not than knowing that so I got should but I do carry the puro with me but I don't have it with the today, the web shooter pure until at we're going I'm going to do they can to go to John real quickly go this is greater getting the calls and I can't believe it. Johnny how all your body what's on your mind this morning, , is that it, you could there were several Giannis and maybe you know because you can say to many of them we got to go to Neil and Queen's We love Neal no knowledge Mel Hein now how are you doing this morning what's on your mind, a, JoJo, it's a real quick yes it around if you look beyond if you look up online This some information about that for your I'm used to it, is it is see that and you need because it because it tells a good year and still right, that's right you got to give you got to get some regular Thole got a gay you know the the alcoholism that's the case, at least not, I work and Night use those role refresh in the morning, I don't wanna mentioning but some of the guys that night's to just complaining about trumps all night I can stand this thing three or so, that dates with a great advice we appreciated very much, let me go to Anthony Long Island we love me Anthony Anthony what's on your my brother Paul, how about you, what that give my dad that he would hit they did This wanted, you know I love yeah I'm very being hired, although Marin Cilic, but, right involved, you know what I work this you know you do, he was due to read a nice book him realize Booker get about that but you see this is is a disease I always say to Mcdonough disease and help me out here. Number one on a tiny calling on Monday they fifty right now but they something, is it I say I say when visit meant when it is the look let me tell you this, women to me and I've said this before the most might give us a creatures guided the love children of The but when it for some reason, the All women everyone has something beautiful about, I don't like clouds like the sky like the Stars like the trees it's beautiful, is that because I might have only No, that mix, but I can't it's like he resisted but so what am I gonna do but he's having I don't think people whatever promise you Dating I think it's when you go I wanted thing to merit again have kids they're looking to go, no one, I mean you know friends accompanied Joe tonight, it will be like I got while the shop are you going to complain about Yardley and dialed member of the got the Rockets so prior to the young couple going all I like job, is behind, this is not compensate, but but why, when you have to have more town idea friend because I enjoyed chaos seventh that's my eye not generated captain chaos we're not even chaos is right here you look at right out of Jack they fifty well the job its grip other rickety we love if elicited through it all, it is Friday could get Del eight seven seven I Thibodeau twenty-nine ninety-nine but I tell you what right now let's but it's a deep weight men on the road years of the traffic on am nine seventy the answer. A stark contrast we've got the answer, westbound L.A. service rode with pressured would even Boulevard right wing is out over to the family northbound run a break from London Boulevard a mean streak, it didn't arrive on the lights in Expressway northbound stopping little aid from Northern Blvd, Ward likes to encourage fanned we had better earlier stop bust brought down on the bridge cleared and the New Jersey down to awful, breakdown It's fun right, it's out monthly offense had a from the plethora appeared Avenue, even if fight all that much, are in that, veteran north one wind change, life, we're going fishing, sound, through the night was a thing of beauty from three, you train southbound fully healthy for the Pavel over by twenty third three and on Long Island Yogi here, E.L. lighting Northern receptions, ways, in New Jersey, left out fulfilling, if that were to two because of that earlier accident, you now know how not to go on Sunday weight men on am nine seventy the answer, the Raptors through deals just keep on Drummond at Modell sporting goods starting with twenty percent of Nike back back sped up to thirty percent off select Adidas apparel footwear in backs plus modos as daily specials games during online hundreds of ways to save on the brand you it's all going on now , your local store or Modell dot com and say got to go back to can you down, he's suffers Mallett tonight five balance of majors Bruton veggies.