College Basketball

Listen: "The run for Providence is over, losing to a top seeded North Carolina last night, eighty-five, sixty-six"

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Grant Halverson
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Will be right here on ninety-eight five The Sports up and see Double a men's basketball turning the wrong for Providence is over of losing into a top seed in North Carolina last night eighty-five sixty-six number one Kansas knocked out you con seventy-three fifty-one number one Virginia Beach Butler seventy seventh sixty-nine and it was Kentucky losing to Indiana seventy-three the sixty seventh northeastern at UMass loyal the when The Hockey East tournaments that gives them a bit into the end fee Double a brackets will be announced that today the update being brought to you by Boston Harley-Davidson check out the choose your by can sounded Harley of often Harley Davidson for a limited time the dealer for complete details I'm Marshall look of often zone for fourth ninety-eight five the Fourth of your next update about thirty minutes you're listening to Miami Johnston and Mike more.