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Listen: Okay now and it in two thousand twelve you signed with the New York Knicks you know you're the oldest rookie in NBA history right

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Al Bello
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Pablo pretty only joins us here on fast break Friday days you from Martin Argentina your born in raise their but you're a of Italian descent correct yes yes I did get them the real down about my partners many months in your end he with Sidney months and you always say no this is an Italian man here the outset Havlat basically all of the final days Nazem the said Mike that I might not that's all for not enough rest of us I mean they will come with seven so basically we can say on my own 50 50 50 alright okay now and it in two thousand twelve you signed with the New York Knicks you know you're the oldest rookie in NBA history right yeah I know it's it's not a bad thing it's a good thing I mean being the first of anything is always a good thing Pablo but what was that like it knowing that you you probably wanna do play any NBA many many years and then in two thousand twelve at urinate then what you're opportunity what would that was that feeling like an especially New York Knicks well as I have evidence of the game and is Citywide so and the and and I don't know why I said so long and basically I team wins in this goal was the first time because even stuns of those with the work that's you know that's i see Asian team so I don't think so gold by the time he needs to thousands of when I was also holding onto that Pablo absolutely basketball has become such a worldwide a sport a grows by today and you've played all over the world now you get a chance you know the last few years a play me MBA Can you explain to our listeners the differences the key differences between the level of play any NBA an in place that you play because I've seen that level play it's it's really fantastic all over the world yeah I came in and did have you know the best this with the is a good from this you know there's not put it that you could see he had in the NBA you don't wanna find another leading the well thought in the best It is clear that this is you know but then you know when you start the thing he said he said the voting for that i think those guys neither things you know these assisted on the fan i am so is the main if you have a how the ace of the coaches think about buses and because she's a Mason not go to bed at inside the on the way to come up with these guys who 've said opposed sort of you know basically the way that I have those money by lending Vesely you know many of the Clippers joins us here on fast break Friday Vinnie bounce in your Wes Clemens alright the puddle you were on the Rockets last year two thousand fifteen you were part of that roster an you were you were here in staples when you came back and outscored the Clippers forty the fifteen what was that like me and now what was it like then being a part of that big come back and what is a like being on either side now i was lucky Duchene gave it does on one the side doesn't seem who won the yeah basically I'm so some did it in the anonymity what's the time he was a funny is I've never done you know that's kind of come about the set of such Kostas time in the playoffs of been seats that you know we first that's for those four of water For those of you who love of what to do about Moses over you know and that's what I mean that we need see this is completely open and more on the outside of the U what I done on seven feelings about it as I like you said and done the size i wanna remember that much focus knowing he might be in the lineup right there's no question about that I mean actually Josh Mets was a part of that Rockets roster also So he's there with did any the Clippers bug you a jab at you and taking you know say what's going on I mean you're on the other side you're here and then we took a native.