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Listen: "John Travolta demands male masseur and that the windows of his hotel be covered" 

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Carlos Alvarez
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This is that illegal moving any Ainge and happen because boy if here sign for a good to be provide is going to really do a couple Headlines because you don't have to know the story like a set up punch he hit the headline you get the story it is writer John Travolta demands male missed sore and that the windows in his hotel be covered Do i really need to read the whole story and we just two we just go with that he's now He's a fantastic actor his sixty-two now and the people vs OJ Simpson star says that he needs eight may almost sore and above others at other things that are on as writer Levi the program Robert Shapiro rather Shapiro he all John Travolta yeah okay yeah and now he also good on it a rookie he's a fantastic active yeah you know I can I love this show I was Louder I couldn't believe it you know there was much better exactly he's he really is I mean if you don't go back come on Saturday night fever and look at his facial expressions I mean he's he was and he was very young when he made that moving he also asset around the vacant for twenty-four hours before he arrives but he's been acting straight for all those years he also has the remediation for twenty-four hours before re Rusher that there are no cents and he brings his own sheets all right well that's it so I'm going to say alright and then take some with film and then I guess Ok you're on a pilot the tainted Detroit airport American Airlines Kansas White okay suspected shop live care please and Montgomery County Pennsylvania and leaves his kid at the Wal Mart I love that one I just it's funny because when you watch stupid shows like I love forensics finals I get addicted to that yeah oh don't even want settle for Gallo my wife watches this season calculating sixteen ways to kill me but now there's another store not for demand tells police that shrugs hidden next was by knocks don't belong to him putting the cracking crack cocaine that's what they say I like when people get witty you now the Thunder Jay lump again so that's the plan to starring but the Yonder G one game the same Petersburg Florida said no it's not mate.