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Entrepreneur Kyle Wong On The Benefits Of Transparency And Effective Communication

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And in communication when it comes to building transparency so having a transparent culture is something foul on the start of strive for and is also fiction pointed to a lot of second place half with companies and one thing i've realized is that transparency in my opinion comes down to how effectively your communicating so for example with picks late but that's just the product feedback as an example what were eight people were small team and everyone was involved in prague decisions during all all accounts announcement we could just go for product update ranked thirty second in everything be fine but only doubled in size what happened it was not every plans a ball than that product update so they don't know why you're doing something and then two they'll have enough context in the white behind the what so a lot of times and start ups they make mistakes by one not thinking about the message but to also the communication style so for us we had to say we can't do that thirty seconds updates we have to double down in and say wouldn't do better email updates and hinted that deep have discussed different every if a's okay that welcome back in top what would come along about some of the biggest obstacles unveil years he's faced and how we skills that want to success skill a wallace hired by now is that private might get stay private on your own terms for more information we can go to end.