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Listen: Who by the way I understand Sean Penn is having breakfast with Adrian Peterson the sport

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Wesley Hitt
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I gotta wonder if the Seahawks just getting up the stop Adrian Peterson who by the way I understand Sean Penn is having breakfast with Adrian Peterson the sport first neck space no I think a major Peters as a father a child like This can't really respected but if you just hang up the stuff Adrian Peterson is Teddy Bridgewater gonna be chin 27 negative 27 when chill game is that the game when he's going to use his arm and a single handedly beat these Seattle Seahawks that's really really weird excel 1 6 seed advance Steelers have already advanced We have a 6 seed going forward we may have another 6 seed today very well could happen with the Seattle Seahawks they could be here but that historic cold you would think that it benefits the home team when a team plays in those type the weather conditions and the Vikings have only been an outdoor team for a few years now but you would think it plays to their benefit now the Seattle I don't believe Seattle gets Seattle doesn't get negative when shells ever it never gets that cold in Seattle If the fire at I would remember basic meteorological patterns in the United States I don't think they're ever get that cold think they get the teens in Seattle so this is gonna be historic you would think it works the D event in Minnesota my guess is though quieter building less reliance on the passing game and if he can make Minnesota rely on their passing game that's probably the formula exactly the formula that they Seattle Seahawks want strange strange game going to go down today and then we've got the stranger Dead which will talk about a little bit later on between the Redskins in the Packers where the team that I think is disorder come off the Royals have had one oh one Twitter followers very very upset how could you ever say the Mike McCarthy did one of the worst jobs in coaching the surely NFL i say a cause I believe we did and I know they're in the playoffs and it's it's it's really easy disable they were a playoff team well the Redskins work left me it's not it's not like a playoff team doesn't just annoying choose being well that then you're legitimate you're legitimate if you're plastic though that's not the way it works i'm fascinated though the today the reports were still out there on the Tom Coughlin will interview with the Philadelphia Eagles understand they're doing it at an early bird lunch so marker day they they've got this handle so that way they could they will not interfere with coach calls when Snap and I'm a huge calls looks like huge fan when I was Withey all that work the four letter that work on their Super Bowl coverage i was on the field after the Giants last Super Bowl victory an I had a chance to you know just beat be down there and of course you get it fairly good access when you had that Mike's like after those pretty good and coach Khosla came a long before he ever touch the Lombardi trophy and hugging players hugged and came by and he 's me do you need ninety seconds I can give you that with what coach does that mean who does that not too many people know do you need I talk the Kevin go bright and he saw we talked a Kevin go bride and he was waiting talk Kevin go bride so I get done talking a Kevin go bride ascend that back they they you know they get they get that you know see there and then he sees me talk and Kevin go Bryant said about him and coach call Flint says some the Kevin go bright but says to me do you need ninety can I do to begin ninety seconds at you need ninety seconds Any preceded give me like two and a half minutes on the field before he ever touch the Lombardi trophy confetti everywhere I will always have one Felix the tongue Khosla that set on my rotten forgot warning and beat Eagles coach yes you are a yeah why the Giants firearm.