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Listen: So the Broncos come up with that big defensive play again down the stretch

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It's After hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio were gonna get back to your calls you're tweet that they've already out let's welcome Chad Brown former Patriots The Seahawks even Steelers Linebacker who was on the field covering the game in Denver for nine new use so the Broncos come up with that big defensive play again down the stretch If they're extra pressure on that Denver defense down because typically that you that's been called on to make big plays then an keep the team in games or for the Denver Broncos defense this is what they've done all season long enemies made these incredible employees that critical moments typically laid the ball game which gives the Broncos a win an a decent stepped up again this week all season long you know Peyton Manning has been not the big name that we remember from a couple years ago is one broadcast winner came and he also had a little bit of a jump but been kind to continue with the spirit mediocre ways so I think Gary Kubiak and John Elway and all those folks over there does not recognize and also the guys I do think unstoppable McCutchen In a win games but Kuechly down the postseason it's gonna take a player to from their defense and that was the biggest play of the game but many may have no turnovers Amie Broncos defense was able to force a critical ton of early in the game and which opened the when you're right it's been that way all year which is pretty impressive because every time the defense has needed to come up with some tied the bug game turning momentum changing the play it definitely had so you mention Peyton Manning it he's like a Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan or any other player who is at the very highest line of his sport in which is a victim of his own success you're right he's not playing the five time MVP type of football that we have seen from him but yesterday as you mention no turnovers there a lot of drops the run game wasn't productive as usual there were some you know couple let down by the goal line from Peyton specifically what did you see that word for the team but I saw was known for little shooting 17 interception and earlier in the season they were very lucky to win the number those games in which controlled interception I think people still trying to recapture the table an continual mentally thinking this a virtual I could make a not realizing physically notions he feels you can no longer make and I think the time all the time on the sideline watching blocked shots while of and won the things with the best things of blocked it one block 20 games with blocked understood the kinds of my full issues Star have not truly if you've been on kind of like a rookie forgotten backing up interest so long my job is not to go out there and swing the ball below forty times a game in trouble for 35 points my job to be any you know a face keeper of the football and I think now based on the last week's performance in pig's finally understand and if you do that actually gives the Broncos the best chance to win the best chance for success and could have taken I've gotta put this whole thing all my back and I've got a tool for 40 yards and put the 5 points in school board and that then that's only did well but but you know I think that's really all you Then he only simply fell flat or he tried to go down to avoid big hits you know we lock he wasn't such travel up and threw the ball down field so the biggest pass play the game with a broken play that should have been whistle get that I don't think you threw the ball more than 12 yards down the field receiver caught it and gain fit for your vehicle along with 18 yards but it's gonna be very interesting this week playing the Patriots and Bill Gottschalk and obviously kindest things number a number of times and he really interesting to see.