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Listen: "He actually postulated that Jeb Bush would come out of the convention as the nominee"

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Ethan Miller
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You or if your at the convention your thinking about winning and you're thinking that Ted Cruz might not be able to put together the Coalition of voters that you need to win now Cruz knows that he's a smart guy he's going to go into the convention and and try to make the case as to why he can win but case it is going to try to go into the conventional go the winning candidate I got the suburban appeal and he'll have a legitimate case for that you also have to remember that in a convention you can pick anybody you want it doesn't have to be those two candidates in front of you and hell rush bowl yesterday hurt him one WHL from one till for clock Central Time he actually posture elated the Jeb Bush would come out of the convention is the nominee which I hope rushes just being provocative he's a smart guy he's often right I'll be just being provocative there because can you imagine imagine this election with all the passion it's being generated by Bernie Sanders and all the passion it's being generated by Donald Trump and you just end up getting eight Bush Clinton race in the end with that be the lowest turnout election you've ever seen in your life with people be totally disheartened I just think that everything is bacon the cake and and they have no power to make any kind a change I worry about that at least in the GOP early nomination process we took care of that problem we said we don't think Jeb Bush was your time to run because people are agitating for some meaningful change in Washington but the Democrats they have cast their Locke with Hillary Clinton they had no new fresh faced candidate like it Obama that was gonna shakeup Washington they said Hillary it's your turn were going to give it to you and so they are nominated the most a stab list mid candidate in the race in a race in which people what changed In a race where a majority of Americans are saying this countries on the wrong track I think that's a mistake on their part I'd be stunned if Jeb Bush came out of the convention with a nomination but in a convention in the end you can pick anybody it can be Paul Ryan it can be Carly Fiorina Hey can be Ben Carson but I think the choice that the knotted the D delegates will have his view what Ted Cruz outsider conservative credit or more moderate John key sick who can win in more populace areas It'll be intriguing issue to watch if Donald Trump does not get twelfth thirty-seven by the time the Republican convention comes around in Cleveland in July my name is Jeff Angelo.