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Listen: He wants to move here and ultimately the Rams will move back

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He wants to move here and ultimately the Rams will move back but they really say and i covered a lot of other sport cover Cardinals and have been the Rams in the end the hey day in Saint Louis said to me it's it's not just eight to sport professional town in my book but did he say that it was Orinda Kate yeah absolutely That was what that was a big big talk of it say ended its it did not have that have a driver support three things in that which is which is not nobody here sales believes that again is try to make the best case I say this is what really separate Saint Louis from other cities here and lay funny purpose by saying because we would be hypocrite Saint Louis if we said just because you lost a football team is you know good football that we know what that's like me know there are a lot of factors that go into that they're allowed a I know they're like great fans in away okay but let's say Lewis's doing about to do is pretty extraordinary protect leads her City Market size 21 in America that is build a second football stadium in twenty-five years but the same football where else has that and and so that's what separates Saint Louis from Oakland Saint Louis in San Diego and in a certain way in a certain way separation from away The reason Elway is in place in 2016 after you know this after years of frustration about not getting stating the speaker Stan crop yet decided he would pledge almost to pull you know the whole money right they get this video got that jumpstart the whole process began that doesn't mean it's a good football town very my point is this is very difficult in this day and age a 2016 2016 for politicians they go their constituents saves we need more money per billionaire stadium per billionaire owner further stated very difficult and yet say Lewis's about the do at the second time a twenty-five years that's what makes this effort pretty strawberry from are sample were talk with Steve so far he's they Saint Louis Rams play by play voice i know a lot of people are hoping that years the play by play voice if and when they moved in LA however let me ask you this about cranky it you know when he announces I'm gonna build the stadium known that the no matter what do you think he's telling me other owners regardless be careful how you vote because I'm gonna come and no matter what an there's gonna be helter Pet they weathered be co-worker legal battle are something that matter Westpac it's disgusting I don't know I mean I don't know any more than you do write my interpretation of that is what even if I don't get to move a football team Dalai right now still gonna go ahead and build a world class venue that can be home to convey Hall to another NFL team that myself a solution that can be home the Super Bowls and their defense an make me some more money and oh by the way in case everything doesn't look out down the road could still keep me in playful Los Angeles right That's just my interpretation I don't know if we don't know whether stack rookie will take his team ago rookies told no next week most people think that he will not regulation is that he will not you may have other options at one option Mike were talking about is to build that stadium and still make him a viable down the road at some point in loss will Steve how votes.