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Listen: But will you play for Real Madrid the basketball team

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Ezra Shaw
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With Clippers guard Dion here on the fast break Friday bit many Boston your Wes climate but will you play for Real Madrid the basketball team but I'm and I guess that you do they boast a football but not American their time with a run of goal right okay we like taking things one of the four minutes okay Gomez is from you know That being is the best thing to love it even that he is that I think is is one day he is right go the ball saw you do say he's a bad and I love saw used to check I used to watch the games every week in Sea deep from you know from honestly some Tom PNC i was I was timing before the season started to attend an god I see game is that New York City and I do look in September i'm a big big focus on how many languages you speak I'm just curious that's funny sending into this and this is no no no no no no no I'm hearing list is very good then and so I I I thought I thought I can understand Italian even it much but I can and not an ascended of itself turns awesome alright so you you guys have gotten through what I thought with the difficult part of you're season you know implementing so many new faces As with the Clippers were where do we go from here what's the goals what's been objectives moving forward for the Clippers but I think I mean I go right now is to be from this weekend and you know and and size to that every that having none I guess everybody says he led the team in you know At this stage reticent sizes They also great team In the last so I think I love I know he that one and then became the best thing that we can win with this group of guys and then you know there's rated the size them in the system that's whether we won we won a title last two questions will let you go cute you watch it use Netflix not okay well what is your favorite show that you watch on TV like to do what's or the tough the rest of us have some a couple of classic so I love lots of those who show about God i know signed I see so small things you know small then right in my mind about it is a private find common and I also I love that kind of stuff for my last question will let you go what you're favorite fast food restaurant then hit a bit favorite fast food restaurant thoughtful red zone Bennett has the guys on the field so I think that about and not you so I don't you vote on the spot so I try to find places you know Griffin please stop and an owner donny you know a lot about his son Noah made goals for Pablo friendly no McDonald are gonna that's Alright Pablo Brady only Clippers guard thank you so much for joining us here on fast break fried eight good luck tomorrow night and keep the streak going thank you so much and I was a pleasure to be with you guys boy what a lot of fun duel with Pablo right there I mean.