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Sandy Rios: Colin Kaepernick's Actions Influenced By Muslim Girlfriend, 'Sources' Say

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Thearon W. Henderson
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Respecting our country even on nine eleven and when i do think about colin kap or neck whose muslim girlfriend is according to sources influence in him not standing and for the national anthem on nine eleven and a football game and leading everybody down this path it's disgusting to me i have to say it's absolutely and it is upside down rob below the actor tweeted guess dear nfl player any one wants to boycott the anthem nine eleven should be asked to remain in the locker room until kickoff it's not there moment so you know that some of the teams i think this elc seahawks locked arms a together as a team a during the playing of the anthem also roger goodell who i was is fine with cullen capping it you know not standing during the anthem this threatening to sack titans linebacker avery williamson because it was going to wear appear patriotic cleats honoring those who died on nine eleven so he was going to be fine to the ended up not wearing them but con kevin admitted he can do what he can do what he wants it's amazing ana people are getting upset time here people saying in all not gonna support the nfl anymore not gonna by their stuff and it's not going to their games on in the division is said it's a really said and it will have replica on the whole nation we know that high school plays around the country falling capra next you know bowles stand i with his pigs socks but we also know that there are other very so the country that are doing something very different in fact in foot michigan below appear lightning's for some reason they didn't have any anthem then the announcers so they would the national anthem will not be played at the game and this the players when on the field i'm still put their hands over their heart and saying the anthem and people the crowd joined stood and joined with them and sang it and of course and now ken to new jersey did the dive seis of canada repair catholic guy essays is saying that our schools are founded in the teaching of earned respect an honor from god country and duly appointed authority the best approach is helping our young people understand that blood with sacrifice that we can all enjoy the gifts of our faith and our country and the players coaches in a ministers are expected to show respect during prayer pledges on the playing of the national anthem but you to discriminate up to demonstrate appropriate respect will result in a suspension from flight for dismissal from the team and so some people are standing taking a very good stand i have so much to say and there's nothing to politics today but we're gonna take a break because there is an issue that's not being discussed in the lives.