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After Hours with Amy Lawrence Covering: Falcons, June Jones, Atlanta Falcons, Andy, Joe [Dec 23 2015]

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A team on the wall The game is going on My goodness half was disrespectful yes yes Well question what management do you think The Falcons saw that picture Maybe happen again you okay do you think that angered somebody on that team Honestly almost any I don't think you did or poll be savvy mistaken June Jones easily follow these these great program okay has used to Jones I see them I ran he said about what it's all about the bases this is with us that probably would have done that you could you know what's gonna happen you don't know how civilians a batting one Ozuna Falcons gets upset and they take a little dirty cheap shot at somebody an not one you guys out of the game all the sudden There goes the run to the Super Bowl there goes around and that's the danger That's the risk you run when you three D other team would disrespect like that you know that when you planned yes you know I think that happens do not think that happens not not causing which you mean honestly right there is very what do you think The home at the helm and it from Odell Beckham junior ones that was intentional retaliation you know what he should What if that's a helmet down the tipped tandem priority Atlanta Falcons from retaliation any It's not doubt then what do you do that is in a funny pitcher this team is having fun no this is stupid moment that end up costing the team their quarterback Andy having real the week it is how he played the game played the game and win the game okay you wanna celebrate He's got all the the football games three hours you've got the West and Minnesota youth the celebrate by taking a pitcher during the game Mark that's what he says I've never more the heater Joe first in Carolina I'm not an award jealous by Tim doing I don't like my quarterback didn't see any end zone actually doing my football teams caring bats on the sideline i don't like we come back opponents is framing Lawrence CBS Sports Radio.