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Listen: Tom Brady is never done that I believe it

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Jamie Squire
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Temperature still coffee in a star refund Cup in need be or you got the guy who goes all Ian de equivalent of the person who takes the samples of Cosco is the Holy Ghost a trader Joe's in brings his own travel mug who filled up the trader Joe's through the sample coffee or a guy at the diner who just says you know instead of filling up the Cup Peterson leave de entire crew Rafa right here on my table thank you sweetheart Tom Brady is never done that I believe it and I think it goes back to Drew Bledsoe Brady was his back after one season before he took over the starting job only one that's like the one year internship before becoming a CEO not nearly enough time to do the grant work and be in a backup obviously Brady not obtain the full experience of making the coffee run carrying the pads this if you'd be office bits many times the higher ups above will give you you know is a couple extra Bucks grab use got something for yourself to that would've been Brady is first sick of coffee but apparently never came as a mole Lewis Drew Bledsoe slice and thus now we have a thirty eight year old Tom Brady who once had a motor around his own house and the guys never even been the Maxwell house and I'm Jonas is how i got a feeling my friend here has a share coffee like I do let's find out I bet we hearing credible energy incredible on tap caffeinated energy in this next sports report and it comes from my man i'm ready I'm ready no news is no news from Houston and that's where the NFL owners were holding their meetings this morning designed iron P NFL returning the LIV problems grams Raiders Chargers Angola Carson this year next year Coliseum lots of questions no answer just yet although the beast nine eighty spread Logan says will undergo violence timer shortly thereafter but the Rams and Chargers are coming in assumes they open those stores will have it for you Kansas City New England will have for you at one o'clock on the beast.