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Listen: "They lose Kelly Olynyk"

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Maddie Meyer
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Turned out to be true it was Marcus Smart not award they lose Kelly Olynyk might not work I really believe that this is the biggest test they've had all year long Jae Crowder is out and this high ankle sprain is going to keep him out maybe for more than the two which they're talking about two weeks minimum their players are set up for fourth five weeks with a high ankle sprain look at the schedule look at the high-scoring guys that they need Jae Crowder to defend this is a very tough schedule and the three seed might not be locked into place we're gonna get into Ben Simmons and whether he's really worked out for the Celtics is well so good enough some of that we're going to get to the Patriots are why they're going for all the special teamers we got a bunch of other stuff what those guys were talking about earlier but were taken off we can't get off next talking.