Listen: "I just wonder if this takes the Eagles out of running from taking a quarterback in the first round"

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Rob Carr
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That Winston had in Mariano had Mariano didn't have it as much as wins I mean everybody that saw Winston at the force a pro day was like this guy's going to be a superstar he added of all and I don't one because at least one because pro days or so set up for them to Security union that's it they can now they basically you can't screwed up if you screw it up then you deserve your father Teddy Bridgewater remember he didn't have the pro day at all he'd throw from He was the number one pick for two years and then all the said he dropped what was of thirty thirty-one yet he was thirty was the thirty second pick minnesota stole it nest traded hit from up from was laying out on the Yup so money is a stalled Minnesota fans to relax yeah and it's just the Pro to either so set up for these guys to succeed that yeah I mean you really have to be off your game to screw it up yeah this is interesting because I feel like Jared Goff pro day for example I wonder people are going to come out and this is a can't miss guide this is this is it I mean this is a guy that or Carson when sealed this is a can't miss guy I don't know if will have that same kind abuzz now as we had last year with those two guys but nevertheless when you're right com it's it's just interesting because I guess it earlier with if you're an Eagles fan I mean if you just go and yeah we locked up Bradford here like god really I wonder because on the one hand unleashed again a guy that maybe do some things or you can run the risk of not having anybody at that position a lost season I just wonder if this takes the Eagles out of running from taken a quarterback in the first round I think it will take a quarterback at some point I kind of hope if I'm an Eagles fan I'm kind of what they would their that they've got the I think the thirteenth pick you know a limited there might be somebody that I I I might want to start paying look it into Bradford situation the last on the Eagles she had right Heat he's got to know that this guy hasn't done anything right and it as much as you say he Heat he got he it was his team towards the end of the season they didn't winning the end did win in knowing when to whatnot the reality of it is that it's very hard position the thirty-five thousand dollars go to prosper dot com slash sports fan can apply without affecting your feet credit that's prospered dot com slash sports fans this is a guy aren't what they're doing gauging wealth management companies are you getting ready for retirement unsure weren't a place you're for one K heavy been offered an early retirement.