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Listen: "Donald Trump: I'm telling you you are going to have an unbelievably good result in November"

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Chip Somodevilla
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Donald Trump he said the process started with seventeen now there's only three and he's in the lead now I'm telling you you are going to have an unbelievably good result in November I started with seventeen people governors Senators people of accomplishments some people of great accomplishment and every wakeup call brawl wrong and believe me I've not them off I'm not going to be did he knocked him all of this Trump Cruz and John case that left was a grand made an appearance on this weekend fun TV popped up again ensured did South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham in joked with the CBS is John Dickerson about John bonus comments about Ted Cruz and also the potential Trump foreign policy mentioned listen for that was a comment by former house you're John Bonar former colleagues Dealers Frances when sent he's afraid and he's a friend so what that but that is if you're trying to survive is a candidate that's not a great thing to be had said about the there no but there's a silver wore going on in the Republican Party obviously Jon in our very close friends but he's embracing Donald Trump and I'm not five of thoughts probably a Donald Trump's foreign policy is isolation Summit will lead to another Nine Eleven Trout doesn't understand the Obama Clinton that stakes they didn't intervening ten our rock they withdrew from our opt out Lindsay cram has been very clear in this criticism of Donald Trump is not a big fan of Ted Cruz but that's all that's a lot so he's gonna given this lukewarm you know shut out the Ted Cruz we we have sound from setting an era of course Boston we planned out because a bomb I had a really good he allowed a really good job.