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Listen: "Giving up control of the internet"

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Is this story that the obama stretches pushing forward with the idea of giving up control of the internet and giving the internet domains on that the united states his control anthony inception of the net and kept hitting free plays give it to the us i let them run as well as it was a little immediately and limits it bothers about that the james and think about this if you think it jersey back at you know economics you saw you salt walks i am what happened with the with the e you want to not the you but the european courts saying you know what if you lake if you hyper link to a story that's that's copyright in french well if you think in terms of vowed that means all of those websites who would not normally have gotten any publicity at all that on matt brett dry just website four on huff the tempo store on wall street journal are new york times or wherever what what those courts are basically saying is if you use someone else's hyper mike that's a trademark and friends what's at the same time they want to drive traffic to their sights without they want to pay from them for you to drive times are size this is what this is all going and that's what we have to stop at the stopper right now yeah absolutely and so yeah so i'm i'm really happy to hear your you talk.