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Analysis: What's Going On In Libya And What The West Can Do To Fix It

Simon Ostrovsky , Vice correspondent and host of HBO's 'Libya On The Brink' reviews Libya's political and military climate.

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let's go to bend Godsey on the coast of Libya a place that almost every American has heard about now what has been Godsey like today well when we were there, the situation was very much in flux and the forces of the Eastern government in Libya or on the offensive and they were pushing Isis another affiliated groups like Ansar all Syria, of the center and out of doubts Prince even of the city and it was full on war, the interesting thing is that the group, on Star also real was responsible for the killing of the us Ambassador there in two thousand and twelve and now where before years down the line, and they're still active there and those are the group's that done became affiliated with Isis and now the Libyan forces are having to deal with and is their division now between Ansar all Syria and Isis if they melded into one anti government forced there pretty much out wide and, now that they've been more or less pushed out of Benghazi, it looks like in the last few days there's been an offensive that's been started, against the main ice a strong hold insert but this time by the Eastern government and, that's interesting because the Eastern government although, not Allied with Isis they are Islam missed sort of in the most in brotherhood brand, and they were pretty much for the last couple of years ignoring or not trying to engage in fighting with Isis, and that's what we saw when we were there so it's a big change to see them actually taking them on around sort now you spoke with General Cleave Ruff after He's a general Commander of the Eastern Army the internationally recognized Army this doing a lot of the fighting to listen I can who loaded to kind of why those us in the month of a native of that, this is a strategic location that's why they won again control Everett if they do control the Egypt will be in trouble the east and west will be in trouble they'll be a threat to the rest of Africa the droll be wide open, two, Europe, now this is general hopped are making his case to government's in Europe and clearly to the United States for help, on the one hand on the other hand everybody We spoke with an Libya from the East from the Western part of the country, they wanted to take responsibility for what has happened in Libya themselves what they are asking for days for the arms and borrow go in Libya to be lifted so let's talk about the ask that the general and other living in fighters are asking for our American and European diplomats buying that plea that if you lift the arms and Fargo if you just give us the weapons we can manage this is there a chance the arms embargo, it's lifted what's the calculus from this point of view of the Americans and and even the Western Europeans I don't think the answers to lift the arms embargo I think the answer is for European Americans to be much more engaged with politicians on both sides of the divide in Libya and to put a lot more pressure, on them to form genuine unity government, I just think that the Libyan agenda needs to be about more than pink Ozzie in about more than what happened there in two thousand and twelve, it needs to be about what's happening in Libya today