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Listen: "Pacers taking on the Mavericks"

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Maddie Meyer
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W Only I would be culled it's now forty one in a row at home for San Antonio they have the third longest streak in history elsewhere in the Association Pacers taking on the Mavericks last ALS again Sunday on a player out backing it away now from the baseline week nine better with what you have to the front of the re I'm your gathered hit it in giving Indiana the point with more than it that way nine weeks they Allen's ESPN's and seventy The Fan with the called Paul George the land Montreal's the says Pacers the win they beat the Mavericks final score one twelve to one oh five Pistons over the Sixers one twenty-five to one eleven Fox battling the Grizzlies Paul Millsap help his team pull away in the second half even some kind of move in camp due now he tries win again this goal by double multiple is a takes it because again phase one it is back to bulldozer role in that happen in the Hawks leave ninety this seventy-six nice pass from his days for the largely by fourteen again ninety-two nine and then the game the Hogs go one win at ninety-five to eighty-three Nuggets pick up the victory they knocked off the Wizards won sixteen to one hundred Hornets over the Rockets won at twenty-five to One Oh Nine Raptors they heat tight one in the second half it's the steel no harm no foul I don't think we won't get.