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Another day why don't leave business report here is bob move" business report

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Billion dollars another day why don't leave business report here is bob move byrd business a quarter century ago siers revived itself by letting it's popular hardware in appliances sell themselves and focusing instead on apparel in home good this holiday season a focused on those things again but one year re you to video showed well stocked shows and totally up the isles one and in other cities customers and they sears centre fixtures dying week illinois bird flu contar praise that apartments or chains best product offerings in years and quickly limited it was too little too late to break product no people leads to a big problem sure enough sears is quietly informed employees of a new round of closures and pumpkin more borrowed money to keep roughly seven hundred remaining stores afloat the twist is it could struggle on for years serious might be able to re formed financially as primarily a real estate company by signing many of releases look injures thinking sears has been around long enough it's lucky and low cost leases it could profit by shutting it stores and listen on back for more to other retailers on bob when bloomberg business for kate why w.