Listen: "Popovich is a down earth guy"

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Ronald Cortes
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See the my players of that I've run for being the more miserable than i am you know just silly stuff yeah stuff on but now that I've grown up I realized that people like to have fun and it's okay and there's only one team that wins when it's all over anyway so was everybody supposed to be the pressed the entire on season I mean it's a ridiculous way to look at things so right now I had no problem with that at all and here's a team that really as paid lip service to family atmosphere they generally care about each other they get coach hard they work hard they like to each of you never seen the drama in that locker room and ended as hard as his Popovich is he's a dollar guy if you talk to people who know him as I have and then they like to have a ton of fun to let their her down and when they did have an excellent season due to finish the way they wanted to know but like most organizations when you're you're down with the season there ones quickly going there different directions and I and and you can clean the locker out you have you exit interviews him and check all the boxes see you want to see if there's a team that they like each other's company they're one in a hurry to just don't want to play in him and go all vacation that they were going to sit there and celebrate a great season and say goodbye each other by a have and a little holdout dressed up costume party in been go do it is you need to do I love it yeah and matter check out this picture yet but Manu Ginobili as in a gypsy and is just this part I'm hitting seized that's all it is.