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How The Mormon Church's LGBT Ban Is Affecting Gay Youth

Speaker- Mitch Mayne, prominent LGBTQ Mormon Activist

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when I spoke to but how the feel presses LGBT individual less being in particular revert adults right, i'm not speaking to the voice of youth which scare Zach out I mean because this policy in what it's done Michelle is taken you know senior thirteen-year-old you know game Mormon sitting accuse on Sunday and you know I'll gonna landscape you see some of these congregation defined open endorsed everyone right there like you know the the matter where you are in a personal life emeritus somebody the same gender sure dating somebody in every night you're still gonna have a place to go on Sunday, that it would be the Temple but you know you're gonna have a place to go on Sunday and they're gonna be welcome you're gonna be Rob you're gonna be coming didn't pick next you know you're Black community that I'm community price still existed but now we've stripped out away from these kids so these kinda look out above celebs get now and their their choices pretty daughter if you either reasons there's you know completely we did the same and the most people impossible light and fell the city well were you become that's communicated from the church an an Woman this that has eternal consequences let's give this cleared it isn't just you can come the church on Sunday and or you know were gonna Turkey membership director it means insight Mormon ISM but he was separated from Nina Pham what you're mom knows that her siblings they're cutting the fur turned it so you lose everything not just heard this life but her all time and internally, that put these already vulnerable kids and they're really really preparing this situation