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Listen: "The stupid point after ruled that they changed it to make it a long field goal"

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Scott Eisen
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An email you know understand well the one throwing the ball from the game was what you just talked about the stupid point after ruled out they changed it to make it a long field goals In my opinion a touchdown seven points that extra point just you know go alleged rough so well so its broadcast and stuff i've never liked it and it might have altered the same the place in the Super Bowl issue an fun is it's the Patriots a model well interestingly enough the Patriots word the team one of the teams that were really vocal it moving be extra point back you know this is something he owners had to prove so we say be NFL changed the rule he owners have devote on these rule changes and the Patriots camp Bob craft being me owner one was one of the teams that was really vocal in support of moving be extra point back which is somewhat ironic but again Stephen Gus cows Keith has an NFL record in the regular season from the number of made extra points Any had missed in 5 under twenty-four kicks there's no way you can blame this on hand there's no way you have in the first quarter to think about all the opportunities the Patriots had after that so got cows key that was a big moment But multiple opportunities in the red zone late and of course these failed two point.