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Listen: The correct a crime problem in that terrorism problem that we have in this country

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Kevork Djansezian
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Him until we get That loophole was dressed and others will disagree with me and I think what Obama's doing is he's making i really like the gesture in terms of what he thinks it needs to be done the correct a crime problem in that terrorism problem that we have in this country can do unfortunately by executive action is is a very light gesture I think that's what he was informed of biding Attorney General is that there's not a whole lot you can do but it a closing any I mean if there's efficient series of loopholes out there why wouldn't who closed 1 well the thing about it is effective is a that's a good question loopholes and a lot of areas of Weiss Obama for example happens to be a president who wants to release convicted felons from personally how many of those people are gonna go on the Clippers we have problems with truck drivers of this country well a particular problem here let us overall with a minute Wait what what what prisoners Kenny release from prison early well that's been in those last month so with a number of drug offenders The newest in the neighborhood of thirty five hundred there were gonna get pulled early because or supposedly overcrowding the federal prisons subtler stayed we had which cynics who say Hennepin coalition Minneapolis listed state prison there's nothing could do about twelve years behind let's put it that way was I mean Obama's promoting the promoter goalie wants is not in him do at the state level well there there there is I don't have almost as many details I would like to that but it's it's been in the news they have in is that we can't preventive reacted to some in that type of thing I would say this much before that's worth is part of the reason we have so many people killed in California.