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Listen: "Joining the Never Trump hash tag campaign, and saying we will not support Donald Trump if he's the GOP nominee"

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Benjamin Krain
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And that's intriguing couple of phone calls their from folks identifying themselves as lifelong Republicans or as conservatives that's what I'm intrigued about we had a number of people over the weekend that of identified themselves as conservatives joining the Never Trump hash tag campaign and saying we will not support Donald Trump appease the geo how many we now have a sitting the Republican in the US said it Ben Sask of Nebraska who says he will not be with the wit with Donald Trump if Donald Trump is the nominee Marco Rubio intriguing we use the Never Trump hash tag over the weekend on Twitter people were asking what does that mean does that mean that you you're not going to support the deal P nominee if you're not the geo P nominee and you can go two ways without won it could look just like sour grapes on one hand on the other hand you could say the guys like Rubio guys like got Cruz women like Nicky Haley they are the next generation of Conservative leaders Ben SAS is consider that as well and are they saying Look the conservative movement is something that was different than just automatically supporting the nominee I find out if very very intriguing there is an article that I've actually read tweeted on Twitter three ties because I think it is really an intriguing article for you to read by professor Glenn rattles vs. the blog in the pundits and Leonard rattles written a column called it the Trump wave and what the Trump wave is all about Is he describes American culture as being a culture that has been influenced From the top down so what that means just what it simple is form for example un are watching television and does somebody comes Aud in and out they're in this sit calm that we enjoy.