Listen: "Reporting that the Browns had a late offer to Marvin Jones"

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David Maxwell
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By the end of the show today two PM we may need to hosed down Jim wow factor this is his day this is the second Superbowl this season are each year you understand what sports mean every to send people understand what this time ear means to jam you know junto next week for two days he's walking around Providence because he had see a torn what's coming to town them go with he's got already played out us so you're already troll for tickets on to ride summon nine on the number the e-mails on the top he helped I think I think we're Ok I think we're good the Grosse that I do so Marilyn goes there guys all gonna want to give user excess were got a guy got all I I got a good tipped last night Marty Tignor so I'm goes action to next Thursday I'm all set now it's a question of San Patrick's they night yeah can also make it procession one or should session one be drinking and watching the dance I know that I know that's is just stupid role it's unsuitable a stop you know it doesn't the goal is so deep depth today you so ready to go This is where how they're on his tweet screamed you know the command center will use the free agent Friday and he was insufferable tire week you're not maybe like party today is today is like what what he what are you going to Rueben what's happened to the Patriots always land that Masur free agent you know it's just weird Bell had previous a couple years ago Ryan and by far the other side have knee replacement that day and I was out we're on free agency the Jim has missed the last ten years I will say this the day race is just a road win he's just put the ball going area Mary Kay Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer reporting that The Browns Adelaide offered a Marvin Jones but that was low in a word serious contenders so Jim has not taken that reporting turn that into shouldn't say the Patriots out a low offer so they must on how low offer admits it around ten a low offering warrant serious contenders what is that you notice if did you notice a Marvin Jones never mention The Browns to Michael Silver so he didn't consider them serious contenders either watch Patriots commit like for four and a half and stupidly Detroit over pays for the got a Ok are immune Joan said it was a stressful decision is not saying that if the lines Blum away with money he's not saying that how about this brossard Matthews another receiver that's on the market twenty-six years old is considered one of the hire any receiving free agents coming out of Miami according to one Report patriots have reached out to him as well you think Edelman since their punches all sort night we discuss makes him angry everybody was out of the Super Bowl it was on so there's also order mass rate and you guys.