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Listen: "The Pacers are working on finalizing a contract with Nate McMillan"

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Coming up sports center all night ESPN Radio the ESPN Knapp thanks for two to get and I'm John Roger we start with breaking NBA news the Pacers are working on finalizing a contract with Nate Mcmillan to be their new head coach sources told ESPN The undefeated Marc Spears the vertical the first to report the deal was in the works former NBA point guard make Millen has been an assistant with the Pacers the past three seasons formerly coach the Blazers for seven seasons in the Sonics from two thousand to two thousand thought Baseball that always forty years old but still plenty of life in his bat two outs in the ninth at Fenway Ortiz is nineteen regular season walk off it here's a patch shot to center field that goes back for that anytime the eleven hitting his rise this trend here's the patch we're going to try to right-center acquitted after that menu.