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This Travel Expert Wants to Change The Way Women Travel

Mary Cecchini, talks about her company Living Big, a travel production company that encourages women who want to travel solo to band together.

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"By joining me on my trips, it's really my goal and hope to be that resource that helps to remove all those barriers that."

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Alright, but you say you want to encourage women to travel independently, but not go at it alone. When you say not go at it alone, do you mean without resources or without a companion? - It's actually a little of both. I'd say that the women that I travel with, they want to travel internationally, but it's those women that don't want to go alone. And it's either because they don't have a travel companion that perhaps wants to go to the same place or at the same at time as they do. Or, they don't have the time to plan. Or, they don't have the resources to plan. I mean, the internet is a fantastic thing, but when it comes to travel world, it's an overwhelming place to go. And especially I think with Americans. You have limited vacation time. There's this pressure to have a really localized experience, where you're at the right restaurant. You know, you're visiting the iconic sights at the right time, the right place. The reality of the time it takes to plan and research all that is overwhelming and so overwhelming to some, it's often leading women to not travel. And so, by joining me on my trips, it's really my goal and hope to be that resource that helps to remove all those barriers that. - So you'll take women anywhere? You will go on the trip with women? I'm looking at your website. I know you give a lot of resources, but you will go along? - Yea! That's part of the fun. - Oh, I didn't get that you were going with women. I see. - So, I do all the planning and production, and than I'm there on the trip hosting it. Making sure all the logistics come together, that you know, everyone comes together. That's also part of my job. The travel production but it's also helping connect women with each other.