ManKind Initiative: Why Society Turns A Blind Eye To Male Victims Of Domestic Violence

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in terms of domestic abuse domestic violence the number of women convicted has more than Quantrill pulled in the past ten years to fall thousand eight hundred and sixty-six women. Last year is a staggering number, to be that way Kaep kind to sex, when I think what it does show he's cut domestic abuse, I'm can happen to anyone, I'm could he knows he women but oh side menace Welwyn but the figures to some shot, he said The Police are now Mall, red in the eye he bore to actually prosecute women have that she commit base crimes and not cheap believe men when they go to replace stations, ten music out a few dos me that question nobody would believe a man when I came forward but she things Ahl chimes in thankfully said that they didn't believe subs again it could be a six-foot you know six with a full blooded Kony's go of five foes to do what life and he saying she's she's physically attacking me and end the pace of, your bright you can protect yourself, but but that's not really what's happening is it can explain is a bit about why a Strome physically stronger much stronger man can still be the victim of this such a violent, when the recent a man can be a victim of this type five into the a's firstly, because any victim Mavericks one guy for cycle where he's also lighting from its friends and family this Amos happens it would not be any psychologically abuse, I'm and therefore he becomes less of a Manny becomes, I'm able to actually believe independently all have any control in the slot. And once that person's