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Listen: "With a healthy Blake Griffin coming back now, look out for the Clippers"

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Victor Decolongon
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And so not even close we said Saturday with a healthy Blake Griffin coming back no look out for the Clippers to get to the NBA Finals Andrew feeling so good national radio appearance tonight Danks said Saturday huge for taking my call has today love sports radio but in some Marlon tweet said Saturday huge The Warriors are building a dynasty with another title this year phantom dream or tweet said Saturday who joins win loss record without their but I'm Pippen is probably one of the top three perimeter defenders of all time with so Pippen eighty six spirit eighty-five eighty eighty forty-five thirty-eight forty-four eighty-five eighty-six nine in the lane This is without Pippen mug or the Bowles eighty-six eighty-seven forty in forty-two eighty-seven eighty-eight three you know an eighty-eight eighty-nine four and five well so thank you he should have been defenders no problem when people Delivery Man the other side of the story oh rumbo sports for the Bay Area tweets and Saturday huge old man huge Dickey veon person Asian a scary accurate amends here's Lofton won more employees I got done it enough to make half Manny Parra tweeted so to do it was just sitting so you're Show on a cart I know this is fourth there is no parade for getting the record let's go to mark in San Francisco listening on KNBR if you're on the Saturday night he would show it now the glass a master of all time college the ballplayer new York's eighty with one me a lot and when they actually when the best team in all cities give me netting helmets but you know what we have here with another guy you know the Mad Doolan you are not that you don't have to leave is the best college basketball player of all time so you'd well us my favorite you may rip so what is maybe you know marked limits of the sub somebody called me earlier in the showing said Ok with the unseen doubling tournament Dunne of the final two teams Rilla Nova North Carolina on Monday night who is you know huge is the best college basketball player of all time because I think Belgium gray was on the MCW tournament coverage him in a deuce Bill Walton has the greatest of all time and I said.