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Listen: "Henry Owens, don't know what to think of him yet"

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Jim Rogash
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And the Reds socks with Henry Owens don't know what to think of him yet it I don't think he has a whole lot hell of a lot of impressive stuff he has a pretty good stuff ages Duffy doesn't that his job past doesn't always in the eighties believe him not yeah you know it's got to move it around he's really good at movement around but he moves around way out of the strikes onset that's double he's a strange looking do i think he looks like krakow of snap crackling pop fame I don't know what you've regularly Detroit you never looked at the box a race Chris brings out that closely I will you know what I'm going to send you home tonight with enough time it Lenny he averaged just visit your house now ago ever worry these anterior that should burst Jenner was on the Bucks Ruiz about fifteen years ago forty years ago he does look the same No with the week he's right it went from where it needs to play void he's going to put in play right story I don't know although he should be a making of the cover of what Sports Illustrated is it I wanna this patio Google yeah I think Oh I don't wanna get this Rod I think was SI it can't be knew I gonna put a brown paper rapper over that you know so that when you when you see it on the city began so it so straight American flag and other Gold Medal American flag gold medal in covering the right place parts is parts wow that's so shows overhaul the world is changing forty years was in seventy sixty one media I think so yeah the Olympics although see in his six with fifty-six and I think so man match and change in Sexes at that age no I don't maybe one set all maybe it for most people it's kind of difficult to bend right yeah I mean it was big champion like that and you know what like we send alien and patio said same thing right just like people lived it allow schu worked out you know I'm by the way I was on a box of cereal we these W eee D yes yeah you know why because I was a Gardner or that my best life I tell you would've been on vocal puffs visited the Garden I know Coco pumps that's that's by The Colts that that Bird other Coco pubs box is buckled Ok that's overlooked I joining wait till tonight we're gonna talk a bit.