Listen: "We'll have to wait probably, well Tim Duncan will get it, yeah Duncan will definitely get it"

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Ezra Shaw
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Coming up next for years like the Colby thing I mean will have to wait probably well Tim Duncan all get it well yeah doctor would deftly get Duncan for sure but they were going to have to wait till you know that next-generation gray played La Braun when he about it was honored outing as anybody in between the way no no not like that it'll be he'll be pretty intense but not receiver Colby right Dirk all get still got a couple Garnetts Garnett's a good one not a bad ones I mean you'll get attention not the intention right but it will be ocho this level no no very few sort of and then an Ghent will be on Cole Beasley will probably years transform again Duncan don't get a ton in the would awfully beyond that level that said that's all I can come the Monterrey Melo Steph the guys that are RHP great players that's the ultimate respect get the farewell torrid every other team is given you standing ovations the last time when it's knew was one is the last time that a guy goes to a particular place that's always end an interesting thing Speaking of Colby and the Lakers the Lakers with probably the biggest surprise of the NBA season beating the Golden State Warriors and doing it in impressive fashion one twelve ninety five and the Warriors just couldn't shoe and that's what it comes down to a mean they were thirteen percent from three when that's about it and he threw could possibly be and they kept.